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  • Oh hey Martel! Been a while, huh? I'm kinda-sorta back now. Hope all is well with you. I, myself, have been through the ringer but such is life. Anywho, take care!
    Maybe it is because of your name. :ahmed:

    We did argue a few times.. but I don't believe I ever explicitly said that I hated you.
    Blaziken is Uber no? Lucario can be as well. Oh I agree with all your points, Martel. Mega Mewtwo is just redonk. It is most likely going to get a base special attack of 175. Like 154 was not enough... right?
    I thought I was drunk when I saw them. I was drinking some wine on vacation you see.... xD. Oh and I agree with you that it is a bit early to tell. It would be stupid if we get lots of mega evolutions because we dont need them.

    Hey... I wouldnt mind a mega kyogre if it looks cooler. Kyogre is my favourite pokemon.
    Oh I forgot to ask. What about them Mega evolutions? hahahahaha

    oh god
    I am sorry to hear that. I am rather enjoying it.... and I like Milla! I fucking hate teepo as well.... and my only gripe is the difficulty. Why does the game feel like it holds my hand? Kind of like FF XIII in a way prior to chapter 11 of course. Bad voice acting? You mean Teepo right?

    Well I have about 9 hours atm and on chapter 1 still. I dont think the game is the BEST tales... but it certainly is not the worst.

    Yeah I do agree.... tales games are the same thing over and over again.

    Order of knights
    5 supreme officials
    Big bad
    Real big bad.
    AHH those are so cute! How do you get them in your game? :(

    Also do you have the game? We should swap friend codes :ari:
    Well, I will leave it up to you to decide if you want TLOU or not. I will be enjoying it this Friday. There is going to be a huge amount of reading and writing and that is for sure. Hofstede? Hmmm not really. I know who that guy is if that helps. It looks like Sonic had a baby with mario galaxy. If it is good I may consider it. It is a Wii U exclusive is it not?

    Let me see about that. She seems to be getting better. At least I hope so.

    So I may stick with trying to converse with her more. Hopefully in a friendly way.
    You gotta do what you want through. Follow your dreams and all that jazz. I'm in really no position to bullshit about jobs and school... I landed an entry governement position by sheer luck and quick typing skills with no prior schoolling, so I have no advise or can't preach worth a shit. xD Every country is different through with available jobs... as long as you have the credentials, you're (almost) a shoe in, no?

    It's turning out all right so far actually. I'm dedicated to coach people with their bios if they... need help.

    Oh please do. The more... earthy elements are still open.. ground, plant, water.. a lot of the peeps have taken some of the more artificial ones, but it needs to be rounded out. You always do the best bios, even putting the game masters to shame.:ari:
    /prepare to have your internet destroyed. Incoming gifs

    Liv Liv's Pre-emptive E3 response gifs

    SCENARIO 1) If it's a shite show in general. Everyone has either cocked it up or simply has not delivered. Internet is weeping, as Call of Duty: Ghosts turns out to be the best of the showings:

    SCENARIO 2) PS4 decisively triumphs over the Xbone.


    SCENARIO 3) Xbone decisively triumphs over the PS4.


    SCENARIO 4) Square-Enix continues to try and sell me more Lightning and FFXIII.


    SCENARIO 5) Square-Enix just generally opening its mouth.


    SCENARIO 6) Versus is shown. Not impressed.


    SCENARIO 7) People wetting their pants over overhyped games.


    SCENARIO 8) The Xbone might actually have games worth getting for.


    SCENARIO 9) Nintendo actually turns up, shows more of X, more 3DS stuff and saves the Wii U.


    SCENARIO 10) Thank God for Jim.



    By the way, I'm waiting for the day when I can use this gif.

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