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  • Oh, well it aired for me right before I went to bed. I technically could've written something first but it would've been rushed so I figured it would be better to save it, and then by the time I checked in the morning, bam! So I couldn't tell there was a delay at all :P
    Hey thanks for writing up the ATR posts. I was going to do it but ended up being busy + health issues. You're crazy fast, though! :gasp:
    You have a serious talent with all these doodles, Olivia :lew: I hate you for the One Direction comment. :wacky: A fan. Pfffft. As if. I'll have to forgive you cause of the lols though! :lew:

    Are you subbed yet?? I messaged Tom on PS4 last week asking if you were in the game yet but he hasn't responded. :ryan:
    Wanted to keep it minimal for the artwork. =] Let me know if you want it re-done!

    [img] [img]

    Just a heads up, I screwed up the GP adjust a few moments ago. I was trying to give you Gal's birthday gift but I forgot to include that it was from her - otherwise it would look as if I gave you two gifts. :lew: So she's gonna fix that for me.
    That new doodle for Mits' BDay thread was great! :lew:

    And you make Cordi look so adorable! You have my undying fandom for that. :wacky:
    Happy Birthday, you! I hope you get to spoil yourself a little on this day. Keep it real!
    Happy birthday, lady. (It's the 11th here!) I hope things go smoothly for you when it comes to your school work, and to see you back on XIV sometime soon! :lew:
    What Harley said, nuff said? Sheesh Liv, stop being so ... selfish.. come back!
    Emerson asked how you were just now, I said you're ok and he replied and I quote: "well, let her know next time you talk to her, I'm thinking about her... if you wouldn't mind"

    People miss u Liv u should resub (y)

    (just saying)

    Things will fall in the right places eventually. Might take some time, but you'll get there. Chin up, soldier!
    Good for you; taking it on the chin and letting it fuel you forward! It's nothing but a break in your stride girl, you'll be flying shortly enough.
    Sorry to hear about your scholarship ordeal Livi, it's a pretty rough way to start into anything. I hope things go better for you here on out.
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