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  • Thanks for the btech CSS notes, Luke. I used a couple of them to fix a few things, like the vm_blockrow for comments. The rest...such as About Me bg, I have no clue. :lew: Code I used didn't work for it.

    I just went with a solid color for What's Going On area, since the gradient was giving me trouble.

    There's still a few more that needs attending to, such as the cms dark background, but I can't find anything in your notes about it. Tried body_wrapper bit but it didn't work (probably not the one anyway). Other than that, the rest are just minor issues in the grand scheme of things.
    Just letting you know (in case you are confused) that when I awarded you 1 CT for your comment in the Mythology Manual, I got the article wrong. I awarded you for the Ultros article whereas Alexander was what I should have typed.

    It doesn't matter at all, but just thought I'd clarify! :argor:
    Can you take a screenshot for me so I can see how it looks? I'd hate to bug Fil about it only to tell him to scrap it all together. If it doesn't work, it doesn't work. :/
    :lew: I think that if an anime can appeal to people who don't normally watch anime (I know a fair few people like this), then it's doing something very right. I'm just gutted that the film was so bad so it must out on appealing to those same people.
    Thank you very much!

    How are you finding Rise of the Tomb Raider? I haven't got it yet (waiting for PS4 release) but I actually haven't heard that much regarding the game, so is it any good?
    Congrats on your promotion Luke, you're the perfect man for the job. I hope you'll enjoy your new role and eventually get used to the green!
    Haha, you're very welcome. :lew:

    Well, I was 7 hours late for this, even though I watched like, half the stream anyway and it was 5am. xD
    Not too bad, but it really depends on the day lol. Just a bit stressful at work, I guess. I just wish I could go back to being bored shitless there :/.
    Ah, small mercies and all that. I can only imagine the relief you felt when they said it wasn't cancerous. Regaining weight via food + having to watch what you eat = a bit of a pickle eh? 180 pushups? Without stopping? That's pretty darn grand :s. At least it gives you something to aim for though...once you can reach 180, then you know you're pretty much back to normal. Probably :).
    Thank you! I'll make sure to get it all started tomorrow. Actually looking forward to a more normal OS again :s.
    How've you been lately anyways? I hear you had an operation a while back?
    And my very last question! I swear! Will I lose saved stuff, or will I need to back them up externally? (Thank you! :s)
    Thank you so much :). I was mainly worried about the BC, so it's a relief. Maybe I should have a quick look at whether the Hauppauge works with it from early days.
    P.S. Total noob question: Would I need to reinstall everything once W10 is installed? I'd be going from 8 via that free upgrade thing.
    Hey Luke! Noticed you have Windows 10 and just have a few questions:
    1 - Is it like W8, where the traditional desktop isn't so much of a focus as past windows OSs? Or is it going back to basics in the OS front?
    2 - Is it as backwards compatible as W8? Or is it starting all over again with software compatibility etc?
    Hope those are understandable...I'm not a huge techy person :/.
    Distant Worlds in L.A. June 17th. I'm gonna try to go. Some tickets are already sold out too. Gah.
    Are you physically hurt anywhere? Sounds pretty bad. :/ Well take it easy, and like I said, take a much needed break from the forums if you have to.
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