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  • Hey sir, do you fancy learning to do the leaderboards? There's a video showing it right through (made by Jeff).
    All we need to do is make a shared Dropbox folder.
    Late congrats on the staff position. Hope you enjoy, and if you ever need anything hit me with a VM. I'm usually more receptive to those, as my inbox is getting a bit on the hefty/full side.
    Bad?! :rage: That survey was one of the best on the page! Also, what happened to your usernaaaaaaaame.
    Howdy... I quite enjoyed your most recent Musical Musing's article... I wholeheartedly agree with it! :lew:
    :lew: I wish there were emails for VMs. Your story actually sounds really good! I read the very beginning of it and it really impressed me. It's definitely my type of story! I've bookmarked it. Can't wait to finish reading it. :) Publishing it is gonna be a huge deal! Hope it is by next year! :D Hmm.... I never really thought about that, as far as graphics go. I guess it would be kinda hard to take Cloud seriously in the game when he looks like a lego character. XD Especially after watching AC.
    Haha... It's totally cool man. Do you mean PMs? I asked Kira about this a few months ago, and she said that there was no way to get email notifications for VMs. :hmmm: LOL Anyway, that's quite the novel! What's it about? 700 pages is insane! :D Also, I agree with the FF games. They just don't hold my attention. I too get distracted by other games, and just other stuff in general. It kinda sucks, but meh. I'll play them eventually. When I have more free time. XD
    Oh? I too want to be a full time writer when I grow up. I love writing stories and such. I hope I've improved over the years (nobody has really took the time to review my stories, except my teachers). I've noticed I excel in long stories. I have too much detail that I like to write, that I usually can't fit it into a few paragraphs (on the plus side, this makes those "2,00 word essays" really easy :P. Aww man, as soon as I got control of the characters in the beginning, I was hooked on the battle system. I was calling it the greatest thing ever. XD I find the older FF battle systems to not be complicated, but boring. I haven't been able to finish an FF game lately (admittedly, I haven't finished XII either, I am stuck in the Pharos (is the spelling right? XD) ). The battle system is indeed very addictive. That's where the game shines, IMO. As for what's up, I really just wanted to make a new friend XD You seemed really friendly, so I figured "why not?" :)
    Hello, Luke. I figured to drop by and say what's up. I don't think we've ever talked before, and that really sucks considering how much I like your posts (you're post that are related FF are always pretty quality), and you're a fellow FFXII fan, so we must this great game. :hmmm:
    Ahhh that is indeed sad to hear :/ I hope all things towards this matter work out in the future :), I myself haven't done much to be honest. Been working a lot and thats about it to be honest I am having these constant moments where I am bored even though there is something I should be doing. I am hitting this wall of lack of motivation a hell of a lot. I mean like this forum for instance I have barely looked at this place to be honest, do you have skype cause I am using that now.
    Hey Luke it has been a long long time, things are going well nothing overly different....What about you? Things going well...hows the relationship thing turning out?
    Hahaha, yeah. I felt like a name change. I'm not sure whether I like this one or not. :hmmm: I wanted something related to His Dark Materials the trilogy. It was between Salmakia and Stelmaria, but Stelmaria just sounded a bit...I dunno, bitchy? :lew:

    What have you been up to? :)
    My interests are rather widespread and numerous too! I like pretty much all things creative - apart from drama (I cannot act for toffee!). I love writing and reading (which is good since I'm becoming an English teacher); Photoshop; drawing; playing the piano, though I am also able to play the guitar, tenor sax and one day hope to relearn the voilin! I adore cycling and try to do go out several times a week with my Dad across the countryside. We can easily go for 2 hours, covering 20 miles, and just feel a little bit tired, but not worn out, so this summer we may attempt a coast to coast ride in the UK, 40 miles ish a day for 4 days!

    I agree with you. We only have one life - let's make the best of it! :)
    Hello new member! :) I've read a few of your posts and you seem friendly and polite, so I thought I'd drop by here and introduce myself. :cheer:

    How are you? Tell me about your hobbies/interests!
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