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  • Hey Luke, hope you're holding up alright. If you need a chat, let me know. =]
    Hope everything is alright, Luke. You take good care of yourself and relax as needed. Don't worry about the forums.
    I realize that it is because of my resolution that they are offset, but you have no idea how disappointed I am that these cubes didn't react to hover. I saw them and went to check right away. :alone:
    I edited those links you provided in my post. Can you double-check and make sure everything's correct and uh, neat? I think I'll leave the Shadowplay part to you as you might have additional info to share. Not sure if it would be best to include that Shadowplay image you shared yesterday or a step-by-step written content.
    After finding and reading your review to Chaos Rings 2, I saw the link to your site. It's actually pretty professional looking and slick, and the articles (including everything) are done pretty well. I remember seeing your Youtube back when you were promoted to Gaia, but don't remember the site. You do everything yourself or just the articles? Props, either way.
    I've been wanting to change it. Haven't had time to decide what I want though.
    Just dropping in to say that I like the new series you've started in your articles. I think the casual, loose approach works very well and am really looking forward to seeing the next installment. Great stuff! :boogie:
    Haha, love that raptor pic. Looked like I was hugging my (or someone else's) baby raptor. :D Cute stuff.

    Also great job on the B. Longstop dungeon. Pretty intense battle when we first tried it a few months ago, but it's amazing how battle strategy can do wonders.
    I am writing a novel it is just taking a damn long time for me to motivate my fingers into typing :P
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