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  • We miss you, especially Katie. She stalks your articles now; her way of coping, lol. Are you really not coming back? I didn't get to read your PM until a couple days ago, so I heard about your permanent leave from Katie. Well, you're more than welcome to join us again whenever. My activity will be dropping too starting next week, but I'll be around to snoop every now and then. Keep it chill, woman.
    Here's a guide for gardening we can include in the thread:

    Plant in clockwise order alternating seeds
    Use Thanalan Soil for higher cross chance
    Use Shroud Soil for higher yield quantity
    Use La Noscean soil for higher quality yield (only good for Culinarian, really)
    Tend (water) once every Earth Day
    Fertilize once every Earth Day hour

    "It takes about estimated 3 to 5 days to grow a seed. During the period, you will need to Tend (water) the plant once every 24 hours. You can also fertilize the plant once a hour to speed up the grow by a hour (estimated). Fertilizer (i.e. Fishmeal can be crafted by Culinarian (Lvl 5) or purchased from Material Suppliers."

    Uploaded five. Take your pic!

    On one of them I wasn't in it so I can get an a good zoomed-in shot. Best one, I think.
    That whole...conversation when Jason and Tonya joined was actually streamed, afterall! I thought I clicked Stop Streaming but I guess not. xDD How embarrassing..............
    Damn you

    Lunafreya Nox Fleuret ended up being true. Thanks for baiting me into that before playing :hmph:

    At least now I know to never trust you with spoiler tags ever again. I h8 you.
    Read porno

    Aye definitely one of em lines i never heard myself saying to a lassie or indeed anyone tbh. Ironically not a single sexual thing in the book thus far. Blah blah anyway if you do ever genuinely decide to read it be sure to read trainspotting first or at least watch the film otherwise itl seem weird. But the way Welsh writes in Scottish i reckon youl only understand about 50% at best. I often find msyelf pausing for a second to think about what was written. Read Suite Francaise. Ask tosh its a great book.

    Also whilst noseying over my shoulder my friend Carla next to me says the man on your arm is a babe. I think he looks suspicious. Just gonnae throw that out there for you both.
    Thanks for finally doing the bio. Finally! :ahmed:

    In the end you still made me work and look for a photo of you. Typical! I should fire you!

    ...I really have to ask.

    How the fuck do you get the motivation to post and debate these video games?

    I find it hard to get the motivation to post once, let alone replying to quoted posts. Seems like such an effort.
    No problem. :argor:

    Ankylosaurs could still work too. As you say, like pterosaurs, and also like tyrannosaurs.

    I guess it doesn't matter too much, and there are multiple ways to express the plural of ankylosaur. We now have the opposite problem!
    Hi Olivia,

    In our previous conversation you had (very interestingly!) wondered what the plural for Ankylosaurus would be.
    Ankylosauruses is correct, but awkward.

    I had previously answered that if we going for the Greek then that might make it ‘ankylosauroi’.
    However, on reflection (yes, I reflected for some reason), we usually have dinosaur names by their Latinised transliteration of Greek words. Hence ‘dinosaur’ instead of directly being deinosauros ('terrible lizard'), etc etc.
    Therefore, forgive me. The alternative plural would probably be ankylosauri instead!

    I’m sure you’ve been bugged by this endlessly since we last spoke. Or if not, you would have woken in a cold sweat in the middle of a night after an anxiety dream about a herd of ankylosauri which you were unable to correctly address. I hope you now find yourself suitably equipped for this.

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