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    Moogle Murder Mystery II - Game Thread

    "OUCH!" This ruffian-! This vile, vicious, savage, untamed rogue! Cluckbeak collapses on the sand and laboriously wheezes as his crown jewels flare in sheer agony after that mighty kick to the groin. The prickly pain of the splinters embedded into his flesh he had forgotten about also...
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    YouTube FFF Sims Lifestream Episode II: Someone Call Social Services Already!

    I've become so gnome, I can't feel you there... Welcome back to another installment of FFF Sims Lifestream, as narrated by yours truly, and streamed & directed by the same anonymous Californian resident from before. If you have just joined us, this is a special site feature where we run a...
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    Final Fantasy VII Remake News - Midgar Fireworks & Cloud Redesigned

    That Midgar with fireworks is from some kind of Japan-only amusement park ride, IIRC. The "new" Cloud looks like his Mobius Final Fantasy in-game model. Personally I think it looks weird and I just prefer the one from the PSX trailer way back in Christmas 2015.
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    Moogle Murder Mystery II - Game Thread

    "O-Oglops?!" splutters Cluckbeak incredulously, "they are pests! They are vermin! Aberrations created by the Lord Almighty Himself! Their lives are fit only to ruin crops, gnaw through wood and irritate Mooglekind at every opportunity. Why on earth would you voluntarily elect to hold these...
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    YouTube FFF Sims Lifestream Episode I: The Blazing Blunder

    If this isn't considered cannibalism, then we have collectively failed as a society. Welcome to FFF Sims Lifestream, brought to you by a semi-regular Twitch stream and from an inconspicuous Californian home. The FFF Sims Lifestream is an auspicious social experiment using EA's The Sims 4 to see...
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    Moogle Murder Mystery II - Game Thread

    The thundering sound of cultists above is followed by the pounding noise of talons hurriedly pressing against wood. Count Cluckbeak can only watch in stupefied silence as a giant green bird-like creature rockets down a flight of stairs with the look of sheer terror on its face before it crashes...
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    Last game you finished?

    You madman. Also, what a coincidence! I just finished up Ass Creed 3 a few days ago too, though it was more a proper replay after having not touched it in like five years now. I still enjoyed my time with the game, but I'm not as fond of it as you given how unpolished it still feels, how...
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    Use an item/spell on the next poster!

    ...THIS IS FILTH. How dare you give something like this to a perfectly normal, pious Christian girl. *uses Chef's Knife to doink the next fool*
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    CEG Blitzball Match

    Bollocks. This must be how Ronaldo felt today when he managed only a limp kick straight at the Uruguayan goalkeeper. -__-
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    CEG Blitzball Match

    :panterpaws: wants to be the next Ronaldo and goes for a shot at the goal...
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    Moogle Murder Mystery II - Game Thread

    "An Adamantoise?!" splutters Cluckbeak incredulously, "I thought we jolly well hunted them to extinction? You mean to tell me some managed to live?" He takes another glance at the tombstone. Etched on it are the words: Firstly, Cluckbeak is astonished to learn that this Andre has left a wife...
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    What is your favorite get away spot?

    It's easily the Lake District. It's relatively near where I live, is very easily reachable by car and is the perfect place to kick back, ruminate and let my troubles wither away even if it's for a short, fleeting few hours. I make an effort to visit the Lake District when I just want to get...
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    FFF Sims Lifestream (Sign-up)

    Bloody EA. Nickel and diming everyone for basic features that older games already have. :oy:
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    [VOTING] Festival of the Sun: An FFXIV Screenshot Contest

    #2 Mitsuki's Kamen Rider henshin pose sealed the deal for me. :dave: As for #3, I've seen enough tentacle hentai to know where this is going. :eek:
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    Moogle Murder Mystery II - Game Thread

    Cluckbeak taps into the aether to psychically recall that incomplete note scrap discovered by the dinosaur detective and his avian companion. The note refers to a former "hideout" of a deceased Andre, but besides that he can barely make heads or tails of what the cryptic message means. In...
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