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    FFF Drawing Prompts (September 2018)

    Day 20: Castle No mortal shall breach the walls of his castle. No other man, woman or child shall usurp him of his rightful throne.
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    TGS 2018: Full trailer and official boxart revealed for Kingdom Hearts III

    It is almost time to close off the Xehanort saga once and for all. As promised, the full Tokyo Game Show trailer for Kingdom Hearts III is available and grants us an expanded look into the world of Big Hero 6 and the film's protagonists you will be fighting with, from Hiro to Go Go to Baymax...
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    Moogle Murder Mystery II - Game Thread

    "You found the destroyed remote in your hut?" inquires Cluckbeak impatiently, "Do you lifeguards not keep a close eye on your possessions?! I have been at this for what feels like over three months now and I'm still no closer to wrapping this case up. I have it in good mind to simply leave this...
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    FFF Drawing Prompts (September 2018)

    Day 17: Elf I know basic physics would tell you long hair wouldn't behave like that when someone is falling vertically down but...look, just shut up already.
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    FFF Drawing Prompts (September 2018)

    Day 16: Windmill I've seen people perform worse pranks on their mates...
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    FFF Drawing Prompts (September 2018)

    Day 15: Wine Bottle I dunno, I'm just doing whatever now, so long as it's in any way loosely connected at all to the theme. :| And yes, that's meant to be Irn Bru. And no, these characters aren't anyone here.
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    FFF Drawing Prompts (September 2018)

    Day 14: Mountains ...yeah I dunno what I was thinking either
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    Multiple Final Fantasy titles heading to the Nintendo Switch (& Xbox One and PC), from World of Final Fantasy to Final Fantasy XII

    Square-Enix want to make it up to Nintendo console fans. For too long they've been starved of Final Fantasy releases and with the exploding popularity of the Nintendo Switch and the very recent success of Octopath Traveler, perhaps now is the time to once again bless Nintendo with a considerable...
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    FFF Drawing Prompts (September 2018)

    Day <checks notes> 13: Shell And what better interpretation of this theme than to draw a dreary petrol station operated by...Shell?
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    FFF Drawing Prompts (September 2018)

    Day 12: Hot dog The Human Hot Dog found herself outmatched by the conniving, vicious forces of veganism, until the power of anime fast food fully activated, bestowing upon her with additional fast food armour and the legendary [Hotdog Sword]. Now all her stats increased by 3 and she was now...
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    FFF Drawing Prompts (September 2018)

    Day 11: Coffee Starbucks opens its first store in Milan, Italy and Italians flock to the city to try out this new establishment that will in no way pose an existential threat to genuine Italian coffee. (I haven't a clue what they're saying either!)
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    TGS 2018: The Last Remnant Remastered coming west on 6 December for PS4

    Does anyone remember The Last Remnant? It released in 2008 exclusively for the Xbox 360 (and PC shortly after) and was one of the very few HD JRPGs actually released by Square Enix during the previous generation. While the game is now no longer available on Steam, a remastered version for...
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    FFF Drawing Prompts (September 2018)

    I'm cutting straight to Day 10 because I can. Day 10: Barrel What do you do when you find a new town in Dragon Quest? You break everything in sight, from pots to barrels, in hopes of finding anything, from medicinal herbs to little coin-shaped trinkets. So I dub the following sketch: 'Barrel lol'.
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    TGS 2018: Square Enix's Studio Istolia teases a new RPG for PS4

    Fans of the Tales of series may already know that long time series producer, Hideo Baba, left Bandai Namco following Tales of Zestiria to found and lead a new development studio under Square Enix's wing. The new Studio Istolia is currently working on a brand new original fantasy RPG tentatively...
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    TGS 2018: Left Alive receives a new trailer and tentative 2019 release window

    It's lives! For those of you unaware, Left Alive is a survival action shooter worked on by veteran leads such as Toshifumi Nabeshima (of Armored Core fame); Takayuki Yanase, who designed many mechs over the years, such as the ones in Mobile Suit Gundam 00 and Ghost in the Shell: Arise; and Yoji...
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