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  • Thank you. It does show...so apparently our usergroup is a non-issue. :hmmm: You can't see other members' albums in the main Album area, right?
    Hi Dan, can you create an album here and post a couple pictures? http://www.finalfantasyforums.net/album.php

    The feature seems to be broken, but I'm trying to figure out if it's a usergroup permission or what. I don't think it is because all UGs have the same exact permissions for this. Basically users can see my albums (not FFF's) but I can't see theirs. I can see FFF's albums though, and the account is under Veterans usergroup, so it's weird.
    Fancy meeting us in NJ on Jan?

    I would go to the London event but I don't think I'd have enough saved up for that!
    I definitely think you should decrease Andre's health! Try not to be too meticulous with things! I start to worry about your health instead. :P Set a limit to your rounds if you have to. (e.g. after five rounds of drawing, start wrapping it up).
    Awesome thanks! Actually an idea is that rather than draw everyone who's been eliminated, you only draw the finishing moves made by your team. That way it's not too much work.
    Check the team member elimination thread!

    Do you think you can draw the member finishing moves too? Or would that be too hard since you've got Adamantoise to deal with already? xD
    Glad to hear it! As for me it's been a bit hit and miss but that's just how life goes, really. Seems this place has quietened down quite a bit which is a shame, but nice to see that some of the people I recognise are still hanging about haha. I forget just how long it's been sometimes.
    Im unemployed at the moment. Been really bored all the time. Funny when your working you pray for a day off but when you have no job you need something to get you up in the morning =( Its one of them things in life that makes no sense tbh. Good to see your still here though. Ive missed you all :mrgreen:
    Are you busy this week, mister? If you catch me on, let me know so I can help you around the ACP a bit more. :P
    Psst. Do you have some time today? I've got a couple hours to spare before I head to class and work.
    Hi Dan sorry about dragging my heels with the Halloween game I'll be sure to post faster now.

    That is if I don't die this turn! :lew:
    Can you go ahead and hand out the GP and Gil, Dan? I'll take care of the colored usernames. ;)
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