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    Yoshitaka Amano Appreciation!

    I love Amano. I have The World Beyond Imagination, a compilation of art which featured in an exhibition showcasing his works from throughout his career (including some FF stuff, a lot of non-FF stuff – and some erotica…). I also have the Wolverine and Electra Marvel book he worked on with Greg...
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    [V2] What are you currently playing?

    I gave myself a bit of a break the other night and played through What Remains of Edith Finch. I've actually had it on my PS4 for ages when it was either free or reduced to a cheap price for PS+ folk. It seemed like a good time to go through some of my backlog so I gave it a go. And wow. I...
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    The Uncharted film

    The trailer is out! I still buy Holland as a young Drake (slightly) more than I buy Wahlberg as Sully… But why on earth is Uncharted 3’s plane scene here if it is truly meant to be a prequel? Also why are Drake and Sully only just meeting here when they actually met when Drake was a kid...
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    Chocobo GP announced for Switch

    Bit behind, but there is some gameplay footage which wasn't posted in this thread. It gives a proper insight into three of the tracks (Cid's Test Track, Gold Saucer and Zozo), and also seems to show that we can play as Ramuh too...
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    Which Final Fantasy deserves a prequel?

    I know it isn't even out yet, but what about Stranger of Paradise? I really want to know why Jack wants to kill Chaos so much. Seems like there is an interesting origin story to be told there... If I was to be serious, however, a prequel for Final Fantasy V focusing on the Warriors of Dawn...
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    Your Favourite Videogame Songs!

    As it happens, I've been listening to all three Kingdom Hearts Hikaru Utada themes this past week. One just popped up on my iPod and a flood of memories washed over me so I had to listen to them all. The orchestral versions are also amazing. So while I might not have mentioned them in any of...
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    Happy birthday, Duhem!

    Congrats! It had to align with your birthday. Glad you achieved that milestone.
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    Happy birthday, Duhem!

    As the title says, happy birthday! 🐺 🎂 According to the forum system that is. I hope you have a great day and are able to relax.
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    SPOILERS Final Fantasy MEME Gallery

    I'm a fan of Jeff Goldblum and I'm just now learning that he thought Sephiroth was a woman and almost fell in love.
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    Cover Duhemsounds Final Fantasy covers

    Bravo! The crystal clear electric piano of the first act of this track (especially a minute in) reminds me of the work of Vangelis and that era of electronic music at times (with a bit of prog rock, without the guitar aspect, obviously). I love it! I really like how it takes an unexpected...
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    Vocal Preferences

    This is a really interesting thread. After giving it some thought, I don’t think I do have a preference. Sometimes some of the music I listen to has both a male and a female singer and I honestly don’t think I have a subconscious preference. I like a variety in life anyway so the mix is always...
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    Shoopuf anatomy question: do shoopufs have two pairs of ears?

    Absolutely. Especially if Spira is considered a type of organism itself, like FFVII's planet. Therefore, just as people can be carried across the Moonflow on the back of a Shoopuf, the world of Spira itself is carried through the cosmos on the back of the World Shoopuf. To evolve aquatic...
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    Cover Duhemsounds Final Fantasy covers

    Thanks for the updates. I'm looking forward to Opening - Prelude. It is an iconic track and definitely fitting for a landmark track. Congrats on almost reaching 10K! I also realise I haven't commented on your recent track (Kinderszenen, Op.15 No.7 Träumerei from Robert Schumann). I didn't see...
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    Shoopuf anatomy question: do shoopufs have two pairs of ears?

    Thank you for this fascinating information! I wonder if anybody has ever attempted to drown a Shoopuf, or to cover these holes in some way, in order to test this theory. I guess Shoopufs are loosely based on elephants, and since some real-life elephants have been known to swim across the ocean...
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    Final Fantasy 12 Collectable Help!

    I've merged your posts for you. Thanks for the clarification on that. That's interesting that the drive-maker has paired Fran with Ashe. You'd have thought that Fran and Balthier would have been the more natural choice, with Ashe being better paired with Basch instead. If you've had this for...