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  • And I have returned. You win a colored username for a month. Up to you if you would like to go blue or orange or pink or whatever color. =]
    Okay, my bad, I did specify in my post. Here's the new correct and full layout for Voices.

    Harlequin: 5 BWP and 300 Gil.
    Mitsuki: 3 BWP and 100 Gil.
    Quiet and Kirito: 2 BWP and 50 Gil.

    Six, Ilyena, Galadin, and Squall-Leonhart all receive 1 BWP and 25 Gil for entering this competition.
    Hmmmmm.... Don't think I've specified that. I may go with a Gil donation. Let me come back to you on this.
    Birthweek Voices competition results:

    1st place: Harlquin 5 BWP and 300 Gil.
    2nd place: Mitsuki 3 BWP and 100 Gil.
    3rd place: Shared 3rd place between Quiet and Kirito 2 BWP and 50 Gil.

    If you could add these to the leaderboard that would be great.

    --- Prizes are to be rewarded after Birthweek is over like tall the other competitions! =]
    Aaand.... Birthweek SOTW 130 was won by... me as well. I'm suspicious. Could you add this to the leaderboard? =] This concludes the SOTW Birthweek competition.

    Could you make a small note in there as well that "All SOTW Gil prizes have been donated as per usual", just so that we're aware SOTW entrants for Birthweek no longer receive an extra gil reward.

    Thank you, Dan!
    Holy crap, I'm on a roll, Dan. :jay:

    Could you add 1BWP to Six (me!) to the Birthweek leaderboard for SOTW 129. Next week (130) will be the last one for Birthweek.
    Jeff wanted me to tell you thanks for doing the Alexander article. I made sure he had a copy of it and he enjoyed reading it. =]
    Any luck on fixing your network connection Dionysos? We're all looking forward to you joining the forum FC on FFXIV!
    Don't get me started on North Korea. Their government is awful, just deplorable. But I still don't feel comfortable with the US having it, because they used it before. And they have done unholy amounts of testing that has effected people and communities. They're like the Sheriff who bans firearms in town, and struts around packing twin Smith & Wesson's with his Deputies, gunning down perceived threats.Nations and people don't like the US for a reason. Although I don't share that dislike, I understand why they oppose them. I'm a Canuck, we're over-exposed to American culture, so I'm a little bias, but my point remains.They are allies and brothers, as are you, in the UK, but I have major concerns about America. Our countries couldn't be more similar yet nothing alike. Culturally we're almost a mirror generally speaking, but politically, ethically, Canada is one of the best, most benevolent countries on the planet. War is horrific, and evil, but mostly senseless and hollow. But unfortunately, where evil forces exist, looking to hurt people, it will be a necessity to fight those forces. We can't just sit back and let evil run a'muck in the hopes that war will stop.I wish every day that people, world leaders had more sense, an people didn't have to die over bullshit anymore, but until wars actually stop, someone has to make a real difference.
    It's not just Iraq. Look into the island of Bikini Atoll, if you didn't already know.

    America is the world leader in nuclear activity. And since they're the only country to use the technology, logically the most dangerous. Yet they have the audacity to police the rest of the world's nuclear programs. They're just trying to protect themselves, like your country and mine.

    We should be dismantling the US nuclear program, not disarming the perceived "evil countries" that mentality feeds racism and division at the racial and national level.
    I didn't mean any disrespect back there. I assume you know what I'm referring to. Someone else had me agitated, not you. I apologize for my words, and I hope there are no hard feelings. It's a frustrating subject for me, because no one really knows what it's like over there, the horror that took place in Iraq. People refuse to accept that the invasion of that country was not justified, it was mass scale terrorism, whether it was the US, Canada, Sweden, or China that devastated that country. It was FAR worse that 9/11. In fact, 9/11 was 'a storm in a tea cup' compared to what went down in Iraq.
    Well if I can be of any help there I would be dead chuffed (and a little surprised). :grin:

    It's good to be able to bring some of your childhood interests and build on them like that through your studies. I remember a copy of the Odyssey my mother brought home to us from the library once. I was way too young to understand and appreciate it but the illustrations left a massive impression on me.

    A little envious of your frequent trips to Greece, since I have always wanted to visit both Greece and Rome. It must have been and still be an incredible opportunity for you.
    Sorry to hear about your work situation, it must be very frustrating for you. I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for both of us so!

    Thank you, I would like that. My biggest interest in mythology has always stemmed from folklore and tales, particularly those concerning mythical creatures, Irish legends and, naturally, religion. I of course am also very interested in Greek, Roman, Egyptian and Native American myths, although these wouldn't be areas I'm that knowledgeable in. If it's a mythical creature or one of the fairy-folk though, I'm pretty sure I will have at least heard of it ^_^.

    Was mythology always something your were interested in, or did all that come later?
    I'm doing fine, thank you for asking. Looking for work at the moment but not having much luck, hopefully something will come up soon.

    Disappointed to hear about the connection difficulties you're having, it would be nice to have you with us online. Connection difficulties can be such a headache to sort out. Having said that, it would probably be easier to fix than any problems that may have been caused by the patch. :hmmm:

    I look forward to seeing what you feature next in your mythology manual. To be honest, I'm very interested in myths and legends, particularly those which come from celestial and paranormal roots. I learned quite a bit from your last installment so if there's anything you would like a hand with, I would be interested to help.
    Hello Dionysos, how are things? Do you get a chance to play Final Fantasy XIV these days? There's a few people from the forum playing now and it would be great to see you there if you were able to.

    You did a great job on the Ultros article by the way. It's good to see deeper consideration and reflection on these aspects (which can often be taken for granted) in regards to the Final Fantasy series.
    I don't know if you plan on doing another or if you take requests, but I'd really like to see some collective information on Alexander in one your bestiary articles. I never understood his place in FF7, and would like to get it a bit more before he is added to FF14. I enjoyed the one on Carbuncle and thought of you first when I realized how little I knew of Alexander.
    :lew: You probably have that down to a fine art at this stage. You hand her back with a casual, blissful smile just when the cheeks begin to redden and are out of the room even before the onslaught begins!
    Congratulations on the new little niece! By the looks of it she already has you wrapped around her little finger! :lew:
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