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  • If you see me on "Mitsuki Calei" or any of the other FC players, just give us a tell and we'll add you up. =]
    Hey you, it's been awhile. I hope things are okay. How's your brother? :wacky:

    Btw, do you still play FFXIV? If so, you're most certainly welcome to join our FC!
    Lol yeah, basically. Means we know what we're talking about so customers should pay attention :trollface:
    Right now? Enjoying my vacation from work. Work now? I'm an Electronics Specialist. XD
    I was always busy with some project or another. Add work and hectic life things to that and it gets incredibly busy. <_>
    I can't get on MSN anymore. Fergot my password etc. XD I'm a Skype user now.
    Thanks, I just checked out the trailer. :) Looks promising!

    You should definitely watch Fantastic Children.
    Sorry I haven't really bothered to re-download and install it. <.<

    Yeah I played it for a good while, it was pretty fun, specially knifing people and watching them complaining all the time. xD

    I liked the Chaser, Captain, the ball-thing mode and several others. But it got annoying after a bit, so many damn hackers. :/

    "Dangerous, Defense!, Defense!"
    Yeah I have a few, mostly to create alt accounts for some MMOs. lol
    I think I still have you added on an old msn, but regardless I don't log on them at all.
    I still need to re-install the game for like the 4th time. xD
    I didn't knew you still played. I logged on like 2-3 weeks ago to check how things were. Did you saw the announcement saying the game is moving to Atlus?

    I only have Mage gears mostly though but what's your ign(s)? so I can tell you something when I log again.
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