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  • JR! :hmph: lol

    It's been fun talking to you here man.....In fact it's been absolute pleasure :hmph:

    Peace out. Hope we randomly meet again someday.
    lol I'm note ACTUALLY eating it :P
    its for the lulz.
    His name was donut coz he curls into a donut shape so I pretended to eat him.
    although he looks more like a sausage in that photo.
    how dare you write on my wall! My wall is too amazing for anyone to even look at!!!

    ;D thanks for writing on my perfect wall!
    I'm stuck again man......

    I'm at Troia castle where you meet the injured Edward (who gives you a twin harp you can't do anything with :wacky:) I'm recovering Troia's crystal,I have to go north east to a cave but there are some areas I can't land on with the airship.

    can you remember?
    (you did say your a walking-walkthrough :ahmed:)
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