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  • :( Sorry this is so late, I've been sick and dying on the vine recently...plus I had no clue whether you'd come back to check you profile or not but...in the event that you do...

    I'm sorry to see you go :sad2:

    There will always be drama but you can't let it get to you...you've just got to shake it off sometimes and move on. I don't know if you'll ever decide to come back, but I hope you do.

    Take care x
    no prob. man :D , sry i wasn't here for sumtime bcuz of my exams but i will finish in a couple days and will be online more so cya later :D
    Sorry bro I dont know thhe names of thhe 2 chicks in my avy and sig... Anyways whhy you leaving bro? Did something happen homie? Shit you were one of the members - actually liked here.. Its sad to see a homedawg leave the forum man. I havent been on lately as well but - probably never leave thhhe forum just checkin time to time. Anyways take care brotHher gopnne miss ya for sho 1 luv.
    Hey , man it was fun, sorry to hear about you leaving, maybe we will meet eachother somewhere sometime.
    Peace,much love and good luck in the future everyone.
    And a special sorry to the mods for causing mayhem at times and being such a nuisance :wacky: as well as anyone I may have caused any offence too).
    I'm outta here peepz.
    I may not of been the coolest or realest dude, but it's been fun here...I don't see the point in making a leaving thread since I'd probably get bashed there too after today.

    But anyways its been great here talking to ya guys, I'll miss y'all fo sho.
    I may visit the forums again (but as a guest), I just don't see a point in being here really. But when I first signed up it's been great I've lol'ed many times and learned things from other people..It's been great discussing things here about FF of course
    If you're gonna say bye then say it.If ya wanna bash me here because of earlier I'm not interested just don't post anything here at all.
    And just in case you're wondering..NO I'm not gonna come back here as a member, I stay true to my word (I'll probably join another forum to get me going).
    That's why you posted a picture of some people burning the Israeli flag.
    Because you hate the government.
    Not because you hate Jews.
    Congrats and yeah the weak weapons and such will earn you more time to defeat stuff...But since your finished now its kinda late to know that now^^
    And I liked Sahz just not Snow....Never Snow hmph
    Im going to make you 5 star that mission!(my temp new goal;) )
    Try using lower grade weapons and accessories the lower the grade the more time your given to beat things in general so that MIGHT help but its doubtfull since itll still take you longer ...whats your set up for taking it down?
    Ah. The mentioning feature has been altered, so it doesn't pop up on the notifications much anymore. They had to combat all the abuse of the mentioning system somehow.

    Anyway, I added the consoles, and I stickied the thread. If you or anyone else thinks of any more to add to the poll (and I don't notice it) let me know.
    ive won 9-1 i think 3 or 4 times now. oh yeah haha ive been playing against advanced now to get as many lv 6-8 cards as i can, then ill pick the best ones and try to win against master ai, i really dont know why i suck so much today, yesterday i won atleast half my matches against him :/
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