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  • yall are too much :lew:

    and yeah, we should play rk sometime. my cloud kicks ass. same with aerith. you dont have to worry about me having to physical characters, either. clerith is my team always :lew:
    Mate me and Rich were playing this beta of a game called killing floor 2? its out on the 18? The most fun online game ive ever played since cod. Its a 6 man co op zombie shooter gore fest thing. You should defo get it bud if you have some money to spare. Its super fun to play and dead addictive. Its like left for dead but super charged. The beta has ended so you cant try the demo anymore but i reccomend it so much. Cant remember the last time i had so much fun playing a game online! Not since i wasted you at tekken anyway :ohoho:
    didnt try the cod beta though. Think I'm done with the series. I'd probably pick up a mw2 remaster but otherwise I'm not too fussed. I was at a friends last weekend and his ten year old son absolutely destroyed me on blops 3 lmao. I'd had a few beers but he was up something like 50-17 lol. :lew: thankfully he's been brought up well so he didn't wind me up too much haha. Here's me a 27 year old saying. Bet i beat you on ghosts! :lew: I'm a loser haha. Trying to boast to a kid just out of nappies. Shame on you lewis
    Definitely. Honestly if there's one thing these people are good at it's talking shit and then some. Talking a lot but it's still talk.

    Also, speaking of conservatism... I think Trump is anything but that, or any other BS he spews. I mean... :lew:
    I think it's their biggest mistake yet, to be quite honest. I'm normally not really... passionate or concerned about politics, but even I'm worried about this election. :lew:
    Seems that way, doesn't it? Poor America. I know Jeff isn't happy. xD
    So late that I didn't even get what you were talking about at first.
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