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  • Well...thanks for the chat. I have a dinner date I have to run off to...so take care until I see you next. Go easy on the protein shakes that way you don't start looking like Arnie :andry:
    lul. What a drama queen. They are awesome, if you get money back you can buy things :andry: ...They only suck for the CPA's who have to file them for you, really. Unless...you owe :gasp:
    I knowww I'm so excited Tom...you have no idea. December 2011 Mel as Graduate Nurse and January 2012 Mel RN :britt: So glad you are still alive. If I ever think they've killed you off, I'll resuscitate your profile :andry: x
    Hopefully all that training hasn't killed you off... becase I haven't seen you around lately :sad2:
    Yeah I would rather prefer it if you guys won,it would give us more of a chance....we should kill off Marseille tonight.

    We should meet Aresenal in the FA cup....though I'm hoping, just to make things easier for us, Leyton Orient pull off a shocker in the 2nd leg.
    Yall played well...its only the 1st leg anyways.
    Better watch out for them at the nou camp,barca killed it second leg last season.
    Yo bro this new forum is a bit to get used too...I dont like some aspects of the new changes..but oh well at least the forum got upgraded a bit.
    Talk to you later bro, im at work right now.. :lew:
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