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  • What time? In the states I'll be on a plane from South Carolina to Tennessee that evening 5 pm cst.
    It literally was Olivia. How dare she. But still you fucked up even after I fixed it, that's a special kind of stupid right there.
    That literally proves that you were the one that fucked up in the first place. Big fat LOL to you. :rofl:
    Omg. Kira should be S. Why are you posting R. Omg. Sigh. Just sigh. Omg. :brooding:
    Hey man, hit me up on here when you think there might be a new meeting in the FC. I have no idea when these things are unless announced before hand.
    Yeah unis almost done :lew: can't wait, it's dragging. I've got a job to go to when it's all done so I'm just waiting to start that and start earning some cash!
    How's life in London treating ya? Was down there beginning of January and it was freeeeezing
    Aahaha listen it doesnt matter if im unemployed or not. I could be on the verge of death but il still beat all you fools at tekken without so much as a sweat :busta: That said i aint played anything online in ages. I was saying to green i miss the old days where we all played cod and had a laugh together. Feel like at 26 years old i should be doing something more important but i miss them days ;_;
    ohohoho now heres someone i havent seen in a long time

    Hows life treating ya Del Santos :mrgreen:

    Il always remember the times when i beat you at tekken and you cried cuz im the best
    Hey you! The colored username item expired eons ago, but we're having some issues with the expiration feature itself. Mind discarding the item in your inventory, please? =P I need to recreate the items again but not until everyone's colored usernames are deactivated. Thanks!

    Edit: I was having issues discarding the Staff Reward #1 as FFFBank earlier (it just wouldn't let me and kept saying the item was invalid), so do let me know if you are having the same issue as well.
    Lmfaooo. I have no idea. It's such an old song, and I remember it, but fuck knows what he's saying. :wacky:
    Good. Share the nice ones! I'm on a roll too. ....As you may have noticed.
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