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  • Hello hah :lew: I am good thanks. Just moved house so busy and stressed but am good. How's things?
    All my online games are PS3 too lol. I don't want you turn it on if losing will upset you. Cuz you never ever beat me that must be hard on ya �� I think Tekken 7 is coming out lol we should get that. I played tag tournament last week. I beat someone with ease. They msgd me afterward lmao. Called me a cheating faggot and said I should kill myself :lew: after reading that I gave up. Too old to deal with that hahah :lew: 1v1 me bro :lew: you got so much abuse in ghosts. You were too good ��
    lmao did you see Celtics humpin by barcelona? 7-1. Bad day for Scottish football ��
    Build-A-Member! I submitted a screenshot of my character and Dan designed it from scratch. xD It's pretty nifty.

    If you go to the Cerberus Guild there's ways to earn CT. No one's taking advantage of it so...hey, more for me. :P

    You should get yours done.
    Am a working man again mate! I was thinking about the old days and i do miss 'schoolin' you at tekken hahaha i was thinking we should organise a tekken or some kinda game night with me you mcgee and welsh rich. Itl be a good laugh i reckon. I dont mind who joins cuz obviously my pro combos will prevail :lew: Youv no idea how hard im laughing right now. But aye lets sort something oot. How does that sound to you? Drag yerself away from that ff 14 stuff! Obviously we cant touch a cod game. When we played together we broke it. It was unfair to everyone else in the world. Lemme kno what you think!
    well, ive been against the eu for as long as ive been a libertarian so i and every other conservative/libertarian i know were rooting for brexit. my twitter was lit with joy basically. im glad your country voted to leave, i felt pride yesterday even though it wasnt for US, it gave me some hope for our country.

    congrats :pooley:
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