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This thread serves to guide in how to use the signature/avatar space for our members.
Please be aware that our Site Rules apply to signature spaces and avatars.

Read the Advertising Rules for more information on "advertising" in signature spaces.


The entirety of the signature space should not exceed 700 width x 500 height in pixels.
This includes a signature/tag, text and buttons combined.

Signature images should
not exceed 600 width x 300 height in pixels.

The size recommend for avatars is
400x400 in pixels.
Due to the auto-resize our forum applies to avatars, it's advised to use this size as it serves as a profile image as well.
Anything smaller will have a pixelated look.

Read the Advertising Rules for more information on "advertising" in signature spaces.

GIFs are allowed, but keep them appropriate.

Staff will ask you to adjust where necessary. Failing to respond will result in Staff manually removing signature spaces and/or avatars entirely.

Siganture Example.png

As seen in the image above, this is the total size for signature spaces.

1 = 700x500 pixels, this should fit the entirety of your signature.
2 = This leaves room for a clickable text to a site of your choice. Forum rules apply & hyperlinks (Raw URLs are not allowed)
3 = The signature image itself does not exceed 600x300 pixels, (original size 500x225)
4 = Clickable buttons are allowed as well, ie. to signature shops on the forum, or art threads.
5 = Following the above template also allows for some text, lyrics or quotes.

Everything above stays within the 700x500px limit.

If you're looking for a place to put in requests, check out our request section.
You can post a general request, or place a request in specific shops our artists have created.

Request & Commissions Section

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