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  • Wow, can't believe I've been part of this forum for almost 12 years... I do have some great memories from this place . I wonder how's the old FFF Members are doing.
    Very nice post about Koloth, man. Sorry I'm just getting around to reading it.
    Can't believe I've been a member of this forum for almost 10 freaking years!! Hahahahahaha! Awesome. I am a freaking dinosaur here. A forgotten Legend!
    Hi! Saw your username @ at the top of some random post on the Home page and I was like "Dang that person is too cool for words!" :fan:. So yeah, decided to totally creep you out and randomly drop in out of the blue to say hello.
    Yeah, a lot of people seemed to turn away from wrestling after the switch to PG. Even calling this the "PG Era", much like we have the Attitude Era, Ruthless Aggression, etc. However, lately I'd say they've been moving away from the PG-ness. These past 2 months have been pretty violent in the ring, and violent on the emotions too. :sad3:

    LOL! I still say "Cena hit him with the FU!" without even realizing it. Usually mom or dad will point it out and tell me that it's called the AA. But I'm like, nah man. It's the FU, and his submission is the STFU. Good times.

    Batista was a pretty big part of the company. If it matters any. there have been rumors going around that he might be making a return eventually. That would be interesting to see. Now would be the time to do it too. He's not getting any younger, and he'd give us some new, interesting matches.

    Ouch... A lot has happened since then. I will say that at SummerSlam last month, John Cena lost the WWE Championship to Daniel Bryan. Cena had it since WrestleMania when he beat The Rock to win it. As of now, Cena is out with an elbow injury, and isn't expected back until the Royal Rumble PPV in January. So for the rest of the year, we're Cena-less. Cena is one of my all time favorites, but everybody needs a break from him. Now we have Daniel Bryan/Randy Orton in the spotlight, and many others. It's a good time. xD
    Well, hello to you too. :awesome:

    I actually managed to get a new freeform role-play going on here. Full fantasy theme, set in the city of Runesong. Think Lindblum from FFIX; an awkward wedding between arcane study and technology all within a multi-tiered city.

    The RP is called Scattered Shadows. Shenorai, being 24 in this RP, is now four years older than she was back during the events of Tales of FFF. As I mentioned before, if you wish, Scattered Shadows can act as a sequel where Shenorai - not convinced that Julius died - has gone off in search of the lost Silverwing twin, promising Lucius that she will one day return.

    Up to you, of course. Since Scattered Shadows is a freeform RP, anyone can join whenever they wish.
    If you're up for it, would you care for a role-play like old times? Hit me up with a PM when you get the chance.
    I was digging through some old threads, and saw that you used to be a wrestling fan! :)

    Do you still keep up with the current product? Or have you stopped watching?

    Also, who's your all time favorite wrestler? :)
    I just had to message you because you are Dean Winchester.

    Dean Winchester > all :mokken:
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