Dean Winchester

Currently a Software Developer (Web Developer). I enjoy Role Playing Games with a rich story and amazing soundtrack, I play a couple of action games (God Of War, Assassin's Creed, DMC), and first person shooters (Battlefield, Call of Duty series).

I used to be a dedicated roleplayer/writer of this forum but kinda let it go as time passed. Maybe I'll pick it up later on.

I was also a former GMod/RPGAdmin when this website was barely out of its diapers and am one of the last original members (been here since 06 yo!). I am also a fan of Supernatural (hence the username) so feel free to me about it (Seasons 1 till latest!).

See ya around! If you wanna know anything else feel free to send me a PM. (Don't mind adding on facebook either, I am not paranoid like some people xD)

See ya!

Yours truly,

Julius Aurelius

Games, C/C++/C# Programming, Cosplays, Graphic Design, TV Shows
The blazing paradise of the Caribbean
Hunter by night, Web Developer by Day
Marital Status
Real Name
Wanna know? Ask me ;)
The SeeDs (closed)
The RPG Directors (stepped down)
The Damned Mercenaries (closed)
The Organization XIII (left)
Favorite Game
First Person Shooter/Role Playing/Survival Horror
Favorite Character
Dean Winchester, Wesker, Dr. House, and Mark Sloan.
Favorite Movie
Armageddon (1998)
Favorite TV Show/Anime
Supernatural, CHARMED!! Hellsing, Dragon Ball Z and Blood+
Favorite Artist
Metallica, Guns n Roses, Evanescence, Def Lepard, 30STM, Disturbed, the list keeps going and going.
Favorite Book/Manga
Seven Deadly Sins
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"What?! No pies in hell?! Screw you I am out of here!!"

"No reception here? Son of a b...."
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Henry VIII
Cole (or Cole Turner)
Julius Argexis (Aurelius), (FFF)
Dean Winchester (current and KEEPING IT!)[/SUB]
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