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  • Well, I did. But now I can't remember what I was raging about. :hmmm: Then again, the end of Series 3 has plenty to rage about...
    I know :sad2: we manage too every now then though, also I have more trophies than you now xD but because you have 9 PLATINUMS your percentage is better than me :eek: still I have more trophies than you now!
    Lol due to my rant on MSN you can understand why my trophies have been lacking recently, that and I am at the gym and running 5 - 6 miles each night lol I'm a busy busy person these days.
    No fair, I am working 9 hour shofts at the minute, I have no time to whore trophies!!! :sad2:
    Well, we are talking more, and I cannot remember for what the other things on my to do list are, one thing is that am going to go the pictures to see the Lion King in 3D, and also overtake you on Trophies as you are now ahead of me :mokken:.
    Fletcher will definitely be there! Although, I may tweak his character a bit - I don't think I'm going to have him have Force Field Generation. I'm still trying to figure out something else for him. And, of course, may have to change his story up a bit. XD

    That's cool. Fletcher can kill Jared. :mokken:
    Meh. Haters gonna hate. If they don't want to watch the show because Nathan is leaving, then fine; more Simon for me. :britt:

    And awesome! Yeah, I'm having to get used to the new internet I have here, since I've moved into a new apartment and am trying to balance school and free time. Also, happy early birthday!

    Boot camp in America? That concept sounds awesome. Although, since I usually create Simon-type characters no matter what RP I'm in, not sure how I'd be able to do that for boot camp. This will be a challenge. :gasp:
    Yeah. I REALLY don't understand the new character hate. People are already condemning Misfits Series 3 to fail, which is ridiculous. Every character brings something amazing to that show, and if you're only watching it for Nathan then you aren't really a fan anyway, you know? :/

    Omg, if you restart it, I will totally join! And this time I SWEAR not to leave. Ugh, again, I'm sorry about that. :/ I've been dealing with switching majors and changing schools since this past April. D: But now I ish back somewhat. And I'm craving a Misfits-oriented RP.
    You don't start until September/October? :gasp: I start today. I have Chemistry in a few hours, and then a night-time Pre-Cal class. YAY.

    And yeah, I watched it! I can't wait for the new series. And although it won't be quite the same without Nathan, I've fallen in love with Simon (and Iwan Rheon) so as long as he's okay, I'm okay. And I have a feeling they're going to have Nathan go off with Marnie and the baby so at least they have a legit reason for ending his storyline rather than "lol bye". xD

    I did miss it. I was sitting here, going "There needs to be a Misfits RP, or something like it, on FFF. I'd love to be a part of - wait a minute. :sad3:" I'm in a Misfits mood. And lol, sorry for the long visitor message. D:
    How are you? :gasp: And I was recently watching Misfits (Well, finishing every series of Misfits), and it made me miss your RP. :sad3:
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