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  • Why does the end of the game make you want to rage? :( I'm hoping there'll be a XIII-3 to resolve it all! <_<

    Snow is a bit of a tool in XIII-2 but he's very dedicated to Serah in XIII. :hmmm: He's sort of like an ex-player who's now honest and devoted, but can't quite let go of certain personality traits, like arrogance. :wacky: Noel is far nicer though. -_- Were Snow not so true to Serah, I wouldn't even hesitate to pick Noel.
    Aw you got told off too! Haha, do you feel positively reprimanded? Are you going to repent for your sins? Ive been eating humble pie since my ticking off :8F:
    if you want to laugh at my beliefs that's fine and like the good bible state it's a sin to have sex outside of marriage and it's best to wait till marriage
    Well now the turn flips back to you. I'll be on fo ra few hours if you want to go ahead and finish it now. As for how it's going, meh sums it up well.
    Pardon me~ I do believe you are the one who wishes to contribute to Caitlyn's new RP? she says she will have to cross her exams out and finish some tests first before passing us the needful. I look forward to be your partner in the side of evil B)
    Well, I've had a major rethink for the whole RP now. I've been discussing it with someone and we've come up with something that's still Misfits, but incorporates Ancient Greek mythology. I'd still have Sarah and her problems in there, so maybe there's a chance Fletcher's there? :jess:

    Jared's going to be there again, but I'm giving him a bigger role. And he won't die instantly, as planned. Huzzah!
    Precisely! I love Simon for his awkwardness, Kelly for her attitude, Alisha for her in-your-faceness and Curtis for his good sense of morality. I mean, the show's even won a BAFTA over here - perhaps as close as an Oscar over there! I was a bit miffed Nathan was leaving, but then I see the reactions of others and I think ... really?

    I'm going to see about restarting it when I get the internet sorted at my new student house. I'm there from now til next June, though I'm using the internet at home at the moment since I've been there since Thursday and I have my birthday tomorrow. Yay.

    I'll get thinking of the RP! I'm thinking boot camp in America, somewhat similar to the original show's concept. ;)
    No worries about the long message!

    Yeah, I think Nathan will probably do that. A lot of people don't like this new character replacing him already, which I think is ridiculous. As much as I like Nathan, it was best he left on a high note.

    I miiight retry the Misfits RP sometime soon. Instead, I'll make it more Misfits-orientated instead of integrating Lost and whatever else was there. xD
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