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  • Dude do you believe in God?
    The Lord gave us our souls and vessels. We are here to learn. If you find joy in things you like to do then you should never care about what other ppl think. Believe in yourself! You are alive so enjoy the good things in life.

    I listen music, it eases me.
    Play games.
    Watch anime/movies.
    Go out and have fun with buddies.

    Dont waste your time on Internet too much. Dont get obsessed by one thing. Focus on several things. Dont overdo. Get a job. Socialise.

    Believe in yourself and respect yourself. Fuck what other ppl say bro.
    Dude. I'm not laughing at your beliefs. If you believe that, I have no reason to try and reason you out of it nor infringe on your beliefs. I'm simply laughing at how out of hand the thread got and how everyone, including you, went about it. Don't assume I'm making fun of your religion beliefs.
    Hey there.

    How are things? Enjoying the forum?

    Just thought I'd send a VM as you've been fairly active and I was wondering how you find things.
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