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  • Yeah, we both lead busy lives now. It's surprising we even get to talk anymore!
    I probably have a million things on my to-do list, but they probably won't get done. xD
    She went to #1 on Sunday, which is awesome. I think we unintentionally jinxed it with our massive plays of it! I counted at least 165 plays of my own in iTunes. xD
    Sorry for the very late reply to your VM. :O

    I lagged behind with them as I'd forgotten I'd clicked them and didn't reply to them at the time, so the notifications no longer popped up.

    I do love Sully and Nate. :D
    It'll be good to see them again soon in UC3. I'm glad to see that Sully looks to be having a larger role in it in general.
    I should've totally done that in McDonald's. I did say to my friend afterwards that we should've called the manager to tell him to do one. Shame. :sad3:
    God, you don't half make me giggle sometimes. :wacky:

    But alas, I have a plan if he shows up again. I threaten to call the police if he does turn up. And if he threatens me, I scream rape. It's made of win.
    I think it was for perhaps all the packs he had. He even dared to ask if I drived as well. That was the only thing I told the truth about, though. Shoulda said yes and made a scene, refusing to take him back to Wigan. xD
    Haha, you numpty. :wacky:

    He claimed the cigs were worth £16, the phone £100 and the watch £70. All I could think was, "You're interrupting my awesome Dragon Age discussion."
    Could be a stalker or raper. Couldn't be a paedo since I'm technically over the legal age. He fed off some crap sob story and tried to sell us his cigarettes, watch and phone. My God, it was in front of the entire McDonald's, too. How embarrassing.
    'Tis ok, 'twas kidding! It kicked in straight away since he looked the type that had done it before. xD
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