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  • Yeah, I need to get my tan back. :gasp:

    Lets see......I do that, can't do that, don't have money for that, and I do that all the damn time.
    I wanna see Ami's new tan. :sad3:

    Things have been really stressful lately. I've had to put up with too much shit at home, and I'm about sick of it. Sadly, there's nowhere I can go to avoid it, since I don't have any money for a vacation, and none of my friends are in town anymore. :sad3:
    A bit stressed, actually. I've managed to keep my job safe for the moment, but that might change here pretty soon. :sad3:
    Oh thank you! xD

    I think most of us are waiting to get on the boat now, otherwise there isn't much I can write about in Besaid. I'll get to it sometime this week, no worries. :wacky:
    In all honesty, I don't know if that would be preferable or considerably worse...less time to stress vs. less time to revise :hmmm:
    Ami :jess:
    Don't start my exams until Monday...its the revision that has turned me into a nervous wreck. xD
    Although I only have four exams, split over three'll all end one way or another :lew:
    Sorry about the two posts, well now three, the thing wouldn't let me send a long message... ummm, you gotta read it backwards... well the post at the bottom then the second post... if that makes sense...

    Guess this would be my first visitor message for you. Want to know something else that's pretty cool? My girlfriend likes Faith Crest alot! Apparantly they're similar in personality. I got a short story/oneshot, i have to send you that i wrote for the pair, Kamui and Faith, it turned out okay i think, did it for my GF because she liked the pair so much which i'm happy about. i don't like the character White Nyumi that much anymore, so looking for changes, i've written so much in terms of alterations of Darkness of Destria, that it just doesn't work anymore... dug that hole for myself unfortunatly

    I'll try to email you some of the chapters of my new story, the feedback i've gotten so far seem good and better then for my original Darkness of Destria. Developed alot since i started writing. But honestly got to thank you alot for all that. send me an email or add me on FB, just pm all the information.

    This is going to be a bit long, but deal with it!

    Remember how i kept writing about Darkness of Destria? well, i kinda re-did it again, and now it's called Darkness of Destria - Linked, and Faith Crest is one of the main characters, i mean literally a main character.

    Got a few things need to say. Thanks alot for rping with me those years ago, sorry i haven't been around recently, but RL have been catching up with me alot, as i write this i'm supposed to be paying attention to my lecturer... so not happening at the moment i'll try to get some notes off my friends for this lecture i'm definatly missing. You don't have FB do you?
    Amiiiiii I need to star using FFF more, feels like I havent been on it properly in weeks :sad3:
    Ah right, lucky you reminded me then. I was meaning to, but kept procrastinating for various reasons. :olivia:

    I'll do eeeet tomorrow then. Poor short term memory inevitable though so I possibly may need another reminder later on if I haven't done it yet. :lew:
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