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  • Mate if a job makes you feel that miserable then you did the right thing getting the fuck out of there. 14 hours a day is mental aswell. I do a lot of 12 hour shifts and by the time your home and showered it's bed time again. I hate it. 14 tho.... That must have been awful It's scary starting new jobs but sometimes you find great places to work. At the moment I can't stand my current bosses. They're so two faced and bitchy but I like the guys I work with so that makes its bare-able for me. We need to catch up properly some time I have a lot of funny stories to tell you :mrgreen: speaking of getting old......I've noticed my hairline is getting thinner these days!!!!! It's not the thick nice hair it used to be! Can you imagine if I go bald! Il look super stupid! Like a white snooker ball =_= nothing I can do about it either ;_; pick out a wig for me :lew: <3
    You too mate! Ive been getting really old waiting for you to reply! :D Good to hear yer still alive! I thought you went into hiding =_= Can you believe wer closing in on 30? It makes me sad. My sister says i still have the mental age of a teenager lmao. Hows life going on your end? Hope its all good and treating you well. Especially the job. Hopefully you settled into it good :D
    Fancy seeing you on! Hope life is treating you well. :) I've been hearing some news about Mr. President there...what a basket case.
    Heya, Micci, sorry to revive your visitor messages. I was just wondering if you can make me a set of something in the future. Hope all is well for you!
    remember remember the 14th of march!!

    Wow a graphic designer....thats so cool o_o How does it work? Do you have a steady list of projects or do you take requests etc? What kinda stuff do you make? TEll me all about it im very interested. Are you still playing your guitar? You better be! The tv is a very beautifull thing :ari: It takes pride of place in my living room. EVery nerd needs a big tv....not that im a nerd buuuuuut damn its a nice tv :rage:
    The red light is the thing that tells you not to go anywhere and to stay where you are :wacky: hahaha
    Ooooh songs to learn on your Uke or are you looking for new music to listen to? Ive been kinda bummed out on music for ages now. Theresnot much out there im liking atm. But we can find something im sure!
    I finaly got whatsapp back on my phone too! Its the sexiest tv ever. 50'' full HD 1080p :ohoho:
    a Car :rage:

    I got a few bottles of booze! Not quite the same :ahmed:

    But i treated myself to a new tv :ohoho: So im happy :ryan: Im glad its over though.
    :O! You could teach me some chords then cuz ive wanted a ukelele for ages. I planned to pick one up after christmas in the sales :ohoho: Do you still play your guitar aswell?

    And im good. Kinda dreading christmas and new year tbh. How are you? Things have been pretty crazy in your country with the hurricanes ._.

    You totally left me hanging when i called you out in the SB :jtc: hmphhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    :O! you have a ukelele :O!!!!! When did you get that.? Thats awesome :rage:

    My newish guitar and your Uke should hook up sometime :ohoho:
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