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  • Ohhhhhhhhhhhh i totally misread what you said to me :lew:

    With someone. They dont live too far from here either :D
    HAHAHA The first time i ssaw that on the show i watched it twice cuz i thought it was hilarious :lew: that made my day alot better

    Anbd yeah im definitely gunna keep watching. Already downloaded season 2 :ohoho: Just got home from my dads. The supper was pretty average. I zwear whenever im round he gives me the food no one else wants :wacky: Left my phone at his house too. Wont get it back til 2moro >:(
    Ive got 2 episodes to go. I must say that almost everyone in that show is a complete dick =_=

    And no, you have not received a Ewan set. :mokken: And yes I do take requests. :mokken: And seeing you also take requests, perhaps we might come to some sort of arrangement in the near future. :mokken:
    Thank you so much for your comment in my thread, it really means a lot. :inlove: Could not have given me a bigger compliment!
    I would adore a blonde Jill Valentine set to alternate with Kira's set for the next couple of months :ohoho: The problem is that good pics of her from the movie are hard to come by :( If you have time and the patience do you think you would be willing to give it a try?
    That was such a lovely movie, it was just a lot to wrap your head around in the beginning plot wise :lew:

    It reminded me a lot of the Dutchess tho, it was a little racy and not your typical chick flick romance.

    If you've seen any good ones that aren't Pride and Prejudice, Anna Karenina, Becoming Jane, The Young Victoria, and etc, let me know...those type of movies are so hard to happen upon usually :( I just got Jane Eyre though (the new one) and I love it! If you haven't seen it yet, you should :gasp:

    Knowing you I'm sure you've seen it already though :lew:
    :ohoho: I like balloons :ohoho:

    That is an awesome dream! I'd really like to see your signatures blown up to big sizes and hanging on a wall :) Best of luck finding a job!

    Right now I don't know what I want. I know that my next step is to try and get on an engineering graduate scheme and just get some real experience :hmmm: My CV is so crap right now and I just kind of want to do some actual paid work, really fed up of Uni! But defo need some time off :ryan:
    I also really want to get back in GFX, maybe try some LPs and T shirt designs or something. I miss doing GFX :( Speaking of which, do you still take requests? :ohoho:
    Oh my god Micci! Thank you so much <3

    I love it!

    Exactly the style I was looking for. Very beautiful :ryan:
    Hey Micci. I was wondering if you can ditch my previous request and get to a new request sometime? Since I changed my username to Ellie... I would rather have an Ellie set now xD.

    Any image is fine with me. I prefer the first but I will take any.

    400x200 for the signature.

    Text: Ellie(her name) and "It can't be for nothing" Use a nice font of your choice.

    Special effects: Try and put some special effects if you can.

    Not too sure about the colours. If you are using the 2nd image it would be cool to make the forest and snow a bit darker. Not sure if that really matters though.

    No other specifics really. I know you can make it nice. Let me know if there is trouble with any of the images.

    I hope I am not bothering you. If you are still busy... you don't have to do this :lew:

    Let me know if this works for you!
    All the Xeno games are amazing. The one you should play is Xenoblade since you have the Wii. It is most excellent. Xenogears is on the first playstation, and all the xenosaga games are on playstation 2. It is just gorgeous <3

    Enjoy, Micci!
    Well, when I say work, I mean Uni work! :P
    Massive congratulations to you! :lew: I'm finished too! I graduate in a few weeks but my last exam was the other day! So so happy to be finally done now, I actually have some time to relax :)
    I look like a tit now, I found it, and now I can't find it in my folders :hmph: It was glorious :(
    What are your plans now after graduating? I still have no idea what I'm doing with my life :sad3:
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