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  • Yes and no! I took C4D's and combined them and messed with the lighting, added the black paintsplatter, etc. The bubbles were already created though, it's a combination of two C4Ds. :D So a manipulation of some sorts, hence the personal use. I'd feel like a cheater using this for a competition. xD

    How are you?
    I reactivated my facebook so never mind that :mokken:
    Except I lost a load of people so yeah next time you sign on accept me again :wacky:
    Shit went down but is sorted now finally.
    Where are yoooou :sad3:
    I deactivated my facebook because of... stuff happening in life
    So here is all I have and you're not about :rage:
    "it looks like she's holding a big blue dildo and it made me laugh so bonus points for that. :pooley:"

    I larfed pretty hard when I read your message on psn :(

    This just indicates that you have to pick up a copy and rejoin our clan when you get a chance, you croc wearin' indie hipster :watching:
    haha, i was a psycho when i played the game. i killed almost everyone that got in my way :lew: i knew it was an older series but i didn't know it was getting a second game! is it confirmed that it's getting a second game? :ohoho:
    haha i know right? :lew: it's pretty bad ass. someone on tumblr made it. :ryan: do you like dishonored?? :ohoho:
    you should absolutely do those things. it's been a while since i've seen you make new gfx (and i shall not stop pestering you to make more!)

    when i say gallery, i mean buying and selling other artists' works ...but who knows, maybe someday i will finally enroll in a painting class so at least i can make something half decent :wacky: for now i shall try to focus on photography

    and yesss i still take requests (kind of? haha when asked only cuz i'm hardly around anymore but i still looove doing gfx)

    do you take requests also? because i haven't had an ewan set yet. this is unacceptable :mokken:
    That mother******* Alice sig is hot :ohoho:

    Can u crop me an avvy so I can use the set someday :watching:

    Pleaseeeeeeee :sad2:
    OMG CONGRATULATIONS!!! i was gunna add 'join us in the unemployment club' but i guess you're already a step ahead of us so...A SECOND CONGRATULATIONS FOR YOUUU

    well my life's dream is to have and run my own art gallery so i'm starting in art museums =D i've been looking for a job for 2 days and so far i've applied to 2. it took me so long to make my resume i mean i didn't realize how hard it is to put myself on paper :hmph:

    i was sat there blank on what to say just thinking for days to the point where i just wanted to write I LIKE BALLOONS

    well what is your life dream :hmmm:
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