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  • Your son is 2 or 3 years old, right? So I take it he gets into everything then. xD My son's 2, and he keeps me on my toes. For someone so small, he sure gets into big trouble.

    The work will come eventually, though I understand the stress there. Hang in there. I was out of a job for a few years as well, but luckily I found one back in August 2012. Not the best of jobs, but I'm content for the time being until I can work out an actual career later. :)
    Hehe, I remember that. I'm glad they put it on DVD. Ahh, the things I remember from my childhood. :)

    Rock lost the WWE championship to Cena at Wrestlemania. He's probably going away to make a few movies. I'm sure he'll be back though. >_>
    Ah, gotcha. Well great to see that's been sorted then. And I'm alright, busy with work mainly. The past two weeks I've been in sleepy mode more than usual. :sleep:

    5 Time! WCW Champion. Now can you dig that!..... Sucka!!!!!!!

    Guys awesome. XD

    Tonight is the big night. I'm hella excited. I'm just worried Undertaker might lose. But I'm worried about it every year. :P it's like when I take important tests. I always say I'm not ready, but Ie end up passing.
    Lord Regal is my character of choice. I guess I'll just make a bio for him and then throw him into something. XD

    (Hate to constantly talk about wrestling, but I just wanted to tell you, Booker T is being inducted into the WWE Hall Of Fame tonight. I'm so happy for him. He definitely deserves it. :) )
    I totally did a 180 on you Welshy. XD

    I'm not sure if RP is my thing. I like to control all the characters in my story. And everything else that happens. XD

    I can say that these things gave me inspiration to write my own story at Writers boulevard.
    Ahh, I've seen the threads for it before. I just had no idea what it was. XD

    Certainly sounds interesting. :)
    Thanks Welshy. That was very informative! :)

    I'll definitely check out those areas tonight. I should be able to understand more of it after I read some.

    Be warned, I recently wrote a "promo" on a wrestling forum (I don't go there anymore. They're mean :( ) and it was called cheesy. So I have a lot of work to do. But I'm more than willing to learn more. :)

    Yay! This time my stories will reach more than just car dealers from India! XD
    That's true. Main question I have is....

    Do I get to make my own world? Or does it have to be based on someone/something that already exist? Also, are these solo writings? Or do I have to partner up?
    I'm very, very interested in it. But I'm worried about being chewed up and spit out by the others. I have ideas for stories and all that.

    Not to mention, my grammar and spelling of difficult words probably isn't on the same level as you guys.
    You're so lucky. I must have went through at least 6 different ones before we got one that worked. XD

    The weird part is that I didn't even tweet them anything. They came to me and offered support. :wacky:
    Tesco! I've heard of that one before. I think my Dad used to go there. XD

    So I got a Tweet just now from Xbox support about my freezing issues I've been having. They're trying to be all nice to their fans now. >_>
    You're way too nice. XD

    Ahh... So what's your local supermarket? Ours is called Publix (who's the idiot that created the damn store and spelt publics wrong? :lew: )

    Sorry I took so long to respond Welshy. I was in supermarket hell with my two little brothers. No wifi, no escape. I almost broke down in there. It was horrible. >_>
    My message or yours? If it's mine, it's probably because I'm outside right now. XD

    I don't like the person. I just like those two songs. Let's call that a guilty pleasure type thing. Lolski XD
    Is it really worth going through all that for 2 minutes of TV fame? It's crazy. :hmmm:

    So.... Justin Bieber has been getting better at his singing. He's made 2 songs recently that I liked a lot. :wacky:
    There's a show I like to watch called "Fact or Faked" where these 5 or 6 (I forget :P ) people see a video people claim is an alien or ghost. Then they try everything they can to replicate it to see if it was a hoax or not. I find it pretty entertaining. It also shows the lengths people are willing to go to in order to hoax people. :hmmm:

    I'm a sucka for stuff like that. I believed the rapture was gonna happen in May 2011 and I thought the world was gonna end back in December. I fall for the hype easily. I still have fears of getting attacked by a ghost. Though... All these TV shows probably make that feeling worse than it is. XD
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