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  • When you said Chris Evans i was thinking of the other guy :lew: You know the ginger Chris Evans hahah. The skateboarding part was pretty funny for sure man :lew:
    I think Michael Cera always plays just the total geeky and nervous white kid. That seems to be his role. He plays it well mind you but he needs to do more characters.
    Fuck knows what i was thinking :lew:

    Yeah i really liked Scott Pilgrim. It was a film aimed at gamers. There were a lot of references to retro games. Even Ramona and Knives are like characters out of a game. Im not sure how i feel about Michael Cera as an actor :hmmm: He seems to be the exact same character in every movie, though :hmmm: Most of his films are quite similar. At least the ones ive seen anyway.
    I bought Kickass and Scott Pilgrim at the same time. I really loved Scott Pilgrim but didnt love Kickass. I did like it dont get me wrong i just didnt love it really. :lew::lew: This visitor message. I should have left it how it is. I didnt really sleep last night so i kinda dosed off for not even a minute. I had a weird dream in that time and it seems i wrote it down here.
    Was something about despite having similar speech i cant do your accent

    Thats the kinda image youd be using on a large piece I think. I reckon Itd look good as a comic style large piece. I've always wanted to do something like that. Split the canvas up into box sections and have lots of different famous superheroes and stuff like that :ryan:
    Well fuck me then >_> LOL I have another sort of kinda not really dilemma. I want to try this one on my own though. If I can't do it, you can bet I'll be buggering you tomorrow morning DUN DUN DUNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN
    Hey Welshy, I made a siggy and saved it as a JPG file, is it possible for me to somehow edit the text in it? When I bring it up, it had the whole siggy as background layer, not multiple layers :hmmm:
    Holy wow! That site looks awesome! I just skimmed through the 3D gold text tutorial and looked very in depth! Thank you for the hook up Welshy! ZOMGZ
    Thank you for the link Welshy. I just have one question, I downloaded the one that's second from the bottom on the page that simply says CS2 on it. Do I need to download all of those links or only one?
    :jeri: < is not impressed with you. LOL.... How about a tiny version of.... hMwDTv7akJ4 the guy in the house! 100% guaranteed to scare me away! (legit man. That thing is scary :wacky: )
    Super late reply! Been busy.

    It's funny that you mentioned your son finally ate an apple. My son can't get enough of them, I'm always buying a bag of apples twice a week. And your son's about 7 months older than mine then. :) It's great to see another parent around here!

    Also, really sorry that you couldn't log in earlier this week. Glad you managed to get it sorted. You don't mind me deleting the other account now then?
    Nice try Welshy. Things aren't gonna change. I wouldn't be surprised if that North Korea guy actually did try to blow up the sun. That's how delusional not only those people are, but damn near everybody. Everybody really believes they can take over the world.
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