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  • I am looking forward to the callout, however it is very likely I will be using up the entire time limit, or close to it. Are you ok with this?
    its just a random picture of tom cruise looking hot. the quote is from mission impossible. i thought it looked like shit tbh, but thanks. :/
    Ohhh I know! It's still cool...very similar to your own style though. I like how it's not all in your face but very well put together :ryan:

    I'd rather have something with very delicate well done details then something so loud :damon:
    Good for you, I respect those who stick with their usernames. I've changed mine a few time but have seen the error of my ways and stuck with my original.

    This RP section has had problems with activity for a few years (hence my own inactivity). I think some fresh faces who are willing to actually post regularly will really encourage some good activity. I think I'm going to take up your RPB challenge, if that is okay. :monster:
    You've been in this RP section before? I used to be a lot more involved back in my earlier days as well. Did you have a different username back in those days?
    That was cool of you to post in that bio and help out. It's nice to see someone taking an interest in the RPB side of things.

    Cheers. :monster:
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