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  • I always see people get really mad at their government and even over here people get mad at them. It's like, I thought these guys were supposed to help their country, but I guess not. I'm not sure what government is for. Do they just want money? It's very weird to me.

    I wouldn't be surprised if there was some illuminati thing going on.

    (I've read far too much into that. Everything from Lady Gaga being associated with them, to them killing Tupac. It's creepy stuff.)
    Wow! That's legit man. I'm not sure how I feel about that. I guess it's just a way to get families into the bigger homes right? That paying taxes law should discourage singles from moving into places bigger than they need. So everything will even out. Singles get a smaller place and not have to worry about paying taxes, and families can get the bigger home they need. I dig it.

    Mom told me that out here, there's a law where a girl must have her own room. But since they lived in a small place when she was growing up, she shared a room with her brother for a good 12 years. So I like how that law works in your country. :)

    I have a feeling we're gonna end up in some summertime games this year. Us vs them. The loser must move out. :hmmm:

    Seriously though, they've woken up my Dad during his sleep, and he had to use the broomstick and hit the ceiling. Basically to tell them to shut up.

    Then you have the kids outside during the day, throwing balls and toys around all of the cars out there, then there's kids that play on these structures that are like 20 feet high, and then jumping off of them.

    All this while their parents are at work.
    Exactly! I could see if the dog uses their lawn or something like that. But we as dog owners (we've watched over our grandparents million dogs. XD) know better than to let our dog do that. There's really nothing for them to bitch about. They just want attention. :/

    With this said, I want to ask you a question Welshy, let's say you live in an apartment, and there's a family that lives on top of you with 3 little kids. You can hear them running around and stomping on the floor. Now, I understand kids will be kids, but would you tolerate their loud banging at 3 am?
    Aww, stuff like that just makes me so sad. They should be getting more donations and more help to keep these animals safe while they're at the adoption center.

    I was gonna say, damn, you have to pay that much to adopt a dog? But then you said it was going towards meaningful stuff. It makes the cost more than worth it IMO. It'll all go towards better care. :)

    OMGawd! That's so cool Welshy. You're gonna adopt one! Whichever dog that gets picked is gonna be in good hands. I'm sure the little guy will love it too. XD

    Unfortunately, out where I live, a lot of places have a "no pets" rule. So I'll have to ask the manager to see if we would be able to get one in the future.
    Recently I've started to grow a liking of animals. Birds in particular. I think it's the area we live in now that's making me feel this way. The other day, we saw a bunch of swans together at a lake. I was just.... Speechless. The whole thing looked like a scene out of a movie.

    Then there's the tweet I saw about helping a little dog bust out of jail, which was really an adoption center. It broke my heart tbh.

    Dang it. I'm becoming an animal lover. :hmmm:
    XD Hehe.... That's probably true. I've never heard any stories though. Then again, I never do much research on soccer.

    One time though, I saw a soccer player kick a live owl that hurt it's wing. It really did piss me off.
    Sorry to hear that man. You're completely right about the parents. I see that happen with my aunt a lot. She's my age. Her parents pretty much just send her to her room everyday. They have no idea that she's a big book reader and a fan of One Direction. At least she has friends though.

    Honestly, me & Dad only recently started bonding more. Maybe... 3 years ago it started up. We started going to more WWE shows and wrestler autograph signings together. I think at that point, we both realized we were gonna be stuck with each other for X amount of hours, we might as well have fun.

    Nowadays, we're very much bonding more than ever, but that link is still missing. But we've managed to get over most of it.

    As for Mom, she's pretty.... Mean sometimes. We do get mad at each other quite a bit, but I know everything she's making me do/telling me will help me later on in life.

    That's another thing too. The sports. I never liked any of them as a kid. I only recently started watching Soccer (football) & Tennis. But Dad always wanted me to watch American football and Basketball and Baseball. I just couldn't get into it.
    Wow! He's not even 3 yet? And he's doing all of that? That's hella dope man. Congrats. Your kid is gonna surpass me soon. XD Legit. I'm not even joking about that. :lew:

    I kinda feel like I let down my father in that department. He was a big comic book and super hero fan, and he tried to get me into that stuff, but I always went back to wrestling. I think for a period of time they tried to get me to stop liking wrestling (probably because my grandparents HATE that I love wrestling), but I'm stubborn. I wasn't gonna give it up.

    I feel like because I never got into Marvel and DC, There was a link in my relationship with my father that was, and still is missing.
    Aww, that's great! :)

    Shoes are tough to do, so I give the little guy major props.

    It seems like kids are growing up so fast these days doesn't it? It's kinda creepy how fast time is going by.

    I'm sure the little guy has more in store for you! Before you know it, he'll be reading you a story. :)
    Hehe... I'll have a hell of a story to tell my kids in the future. :wacky:

    How have you and your family been, Welshy? Are you doing okay? :)
    That's good to know. I thought you actually did just leave us. I was all :( but now I'm all like :)

    I'm doing good. After everything that's happened over the past 3 weeks (and I do mean everything has happened to us) I'm just finally getting to chill. Gearing up for WrestleMania day on Sunday. We're having a big party.
    Our callouts up. The text on your sig made me laugh haha. Nice job.

    Sorry i didnt send this in sooner. I was finished a long time before i sent it in. Ive just been busy and stuff. Twas a really fun theme to work on, i enjoyed it a lot. Next time wel have to do the opposite of super-villains and do a superhero callout.

    Jolly gosh it will be a great excuse to dig out my crime fighting Cindy doll, take her picture and render her for use in a sig. Though im really more of batman guy but is he really a super hero? I mean he has no super powers afterall. Im just rambling on rubbish now but good work. Hope to have another callout soon :monster:
    Never heard of him :lew: Ive never actually read a comic book in my life. Actually thats a lie i was very heavily into the simpsons when i was younger. I had a huge collection of stuff. Comic books too. I went with Superhero villains because i really like comic book art and it makes for great use in a sig :ryan:
    Hmmmmmm you do it :D

    Im gunna head up to the shop right now so il be back in 20 minutes ish or so? Im probably gunna work on this when i get back :lew: So il be done fast. Shall we send it to Aaron as kira is at work :hmmm: Make him work for his new clan leader role :bambi:
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