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  • I think that the most important thing to remember here is that sometimes, probably most of the time, people need to see something for themselves in order to "know the truth" instead of blindly taking someone's word for it. Is it your problem people are ignorant towards the truth? No it's not. In the end, the only one to live with knowing or not knowing the truth at the end of the day is them.

    Don't narrow down a list of people that can and will be here for you based on who understands you. Life isn't about all being on the same page, but people need to learn to respect one another even if the opinion is the complete opposite.

    And listen, there's always going to be assholes in anything, so a bad apple or 5 doesn't surprise me.
    Hey Raz,

    randomrosso already mentioned it in the mood thread but if you ever need a chat, please don't hesitate to give s shout.
    I like that idea actually. I'll bring it up with the rest of Staff. Would you be willing to contribute anything?
    Geez, dear. Calm down. I was not exclusively accusing you at that time of psychoanalysis. I'm very aware that the other poster did far more of it than you did. :)
    The question you asked me was "In what way is XV similar to XIII?"

    I didn't even say it was similar. You just came across like you were jumping at my throat over something I didn't even say, which is what I didn't appreciate. Fair enough, I might have taken it out of context. That's a very simple mistake to make over the internet, but I'm just saying how it came across on my end. If it wasn't in malice, or for the sake of looking for an argument, then there's no problem. I'm happy to accept this for a misunderstanding. :monster:
    Well look, not everyone appreciates being questioned like that, so at least be more considerate of that. I am not making a scene. I would be making a scene if I was bringing all this up in the forum. I came to you directly because I want to smooth this over without making any problems.
    Listen; I'd appreciate it if you stop quoting my posts and arguing against them. It is pointless and annoying. All I did was consider the idea of XV being an enhanced version of XIII, and I didn't say it was similar in any way. It's almost like you're taking this very personally, and I don't want it to be something personal because that's just silly because there is nothing to argue about. It's not like I'm disagreeing with you here. :monster:
    Hi! You got an amazing avatar! what's the name of the artist liek? I've seen it before but the name just slipped through my head :sad3:
    Everytime I've seen someone say something like "FF XIII sucked". There are usually half who agree and half who disagree. Don't be surprised if some agree with you. :cookie:
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