1. Linnaete

    [29/11] Hajime Tabata Wants to Make a 3rd Birthday Sequel; Framework for Type-0 Sequel Set

    Hajime Tabata just finished work on his latest project, Final Fantasy Type-0. So what's he working on now? In a Famitsu interview this week, Tabata reveals that he's working on nothing at the moment. However, he does have some ideas on what he wants to do. Tabata says that he's been...
  2. Linnaete

    [29/11] SE Unreal Engine RPG To Be Reportedly Unveiled In Famitsu

    The magazine apparently has details on a massive, original action RPG thats being produced by Ryutaro Ichimura. The game uses the Unreal Engine and is being made for consoles, with Square Enix also looking at the possibility of releasing it on next generation platforms as well. The game...
  3. Linnaete

    [21/09] Tetsuya Nomura Hints At World Ends With You Sequel

    The Tokyo Game Show trailer for Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance showed a cameo appearance from The World Ends With You main character Neku. Is this just an innocent cameo, or is Square Enix hinting at something more? In an interview in this week's Famitsu, Tetsuya Nomura, one of the...
  4. Linnaete

    [21/09] Famitsu on FFXIII-2: Disc Counts, Characters, QTEs and More

    PS3 owners won't be able to make fun of their Xbox 360 friends about having to get up and swap discs every 20 hours or so when playing Final Fantasy XIII-2. Famitsu reveals this week that both the 360 and PS3 versions of the game take up just one disc. Does this mean that Square Enix has...
  5. Linnaete

    [14/09] Square Enix's PlayStation Vita Titles Detailed

    Famitsu has first details on not one, but two Square Enix PlayStation Vita games this week. Here's what we've heard so far on Armies of Hell and Lord of Apocalypse. Armies is set in hell, where you face off against demons. You take control of an army of 100 goblins, and must defeat...
  6. Ohri-Jin

    [08/09] FFXIII-2 new batch of screens (Famitsu)

    It seems Famitsu has some new screens to share: Source - http://www.famitsu.com/news/201109/images/00049847/CeepCA3HoB98V9fg1w7cL2CjkxrFy165.html
  7. Linnaete

    [03/08] FF Type-0 Playable Demo Confirmed

    You might have suspected as much when Square Enix gave a name to the Final Fantasy Type-0 demo that was shown at an Odaiba event a couple of weeks back. Today, we have confirmation courtesy of Famitsu: that demo, known as "Natsubi," will be released as a free download. The downloadable...
  8. Linnaete

    [01/08] Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance To Have Controllable Event Scenes, Too

    A couple of weeks ago, [Siliconera] reported a few details from a Famitsu magazine interview with Tetsuya Nomura, discussing the Kingdom Hearts games and what’s next for the series’ story. That interview has been translated by SQEX GAL. Speaking to what Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance’s...
  9. Linnaete

    [20/07] Over Seven Minutes of Final Fantasy Type-0

    Famitsu managed to get its hands on an exclusive video showing Final Fantasy Type-0's "Natsubi" demo being played and commented on by director Hajime Tabata. Source: Andriasang
  10. Gingerbread Lesbian

    [16/07] Famitsu Delivers Final Fantasy Type-0 Impressions

    Final Fantasy Type-0 is playable at Square Enix Odaiba Expo 2011 in sunny (actually, if I recall correctly, it's usually not sunny) Odaiba. Famitsu has first impressions along with images from the event. The demo, titled "Natsubi" kicks off with an event, and leaves you at the gate of your...
  11. Linnaete

    [05/07] Final Fantasy Type-0 Delayed in Japan, Possibly Coming Overseas

    Sokuho@Hokanko has provided a full summary of Famitsu's latest Final Fantasy Type-0 interview and feature. The magazine spoke with Tetsuya Nomura and director Hajime Tabata this week. The big news is that the game probably won't be making its original summer release time period. Famitsu...
  12. Linnaete

    [05/07] Final Fantasy Versus XIII Update Possibly Coming Next Week

    We may finally be getting an update on Final Fantasy Versus XIII soon. The usual sources for early magazine leaks are reporting that in this week's Famitsu Tetsuya Nomura says to expect a small followup on Versus in next week's issue. Nomura also apparently hints at a new title...
  13. C i d

    [22/06] FFXIII-2 has other new characters

    Final Fantasy XIII-2 Has Other New Characters Besides Noel Art director Isamu Kamikokuryo shares new insights into the sequel. Noel and Serah in this FFXIII-2 screenshot that was distributed at E3. It looks like Noel won't be the only new major addition to the cast. Noel joins the Final...
  14. Linnaete

    [26/05] Type-0: New Screens Courtesy of Famitsu

    Famitsu.com has posted its expected followup article for the Final Fantasy Type-0 coverage that appeared in its print counterpart this week. King King and Sice King and his dual guns. The guns have infinite ammo, but they have to reload. You can press a button to reload manually at...
  15. Linnaete

    [28/04] Final Fantasy Type-0: Moogles and Missions at Famitsu.com

    Famitsu.com has posted the expected accompanying article for the Final Fantasy Type-0 coverage that appeared this week's Weekly Famitsu. Here are some details on what's in the Famitsu.com story. MISSIONS Up at the top, the site shows screens of the game's mission flow. As you progress in...
  16. Linnaete

    [23/03] Final Fantasy Type-0 scans show off Ace, Queen, Nine and Kurasame

    New Final Fantasy Type-0 scans from the latest issue of Famitsu have found their way online. The images show off characters Ace, Queen, Nine and Kurasame, whom were all detailed this Monday in a prior Dengeki leak. Famitsu has much more images than the recent Dengeki shots, so be sure to...
  17. Gingerbread Lesbian

    Kingdom Hearts: Re:coded Famitsu Images! [6/26]

    Famitsu.com has updated with high quality images of the screens featured in the latest magazine scans. These images provide insight into the battle mechanics of the game, as well as showing off the graphics. Take a look-- Source: KHInsider
  18. Gingerbread Lesbian

    The 3rd Birthday In-Game GamePlays First Look [6/26]

    New in-game screenshots from the up coming PSP title, Parasite Eve: The 3rd Birthday. Source: Famitsu
  19. Gingerbread Lesbian

    Final Fantasy XIV Famitsu Leak: Andriasang Blog [5/27]

    Japanese gaming blog Andriasang has leaked some information regarding the next issue of Famitsu. As of now it is merely conjecture, but we felt it worth posting. For better or worse here is the bullet summary from Andriasang originally harvested from another blog by the name of Game...
  20. Gingerbread Lesbian

    Famitsu scans of FFXIV land on the interwebs [5/19]

    Some scans from this week’s Famitsu have popped up on the net, and for those looking forward to Final Fantasy XIV, well, there’s some pretty pictures and information on the MMO’s Guilds in it. Unfortunately, since we do not read Japanese and a translation has yet to be found, you’re just...