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  • Yeah, between the two Salmakia is definitely the better choice :)

    Oh, I haven't been up to anything much...( ʞǝǝʍ ʇxǝu ʇno puıɟ ןן,noʎ ;) )

    It makes me rage because I feel like SE totally :trollface: us. Then again, I can understand WHY they did it, and I guess the ending is the most plausible.

    I am totally for Serah x Noel, but I completely see your point. If Snow wasn't so devoted and doing all he could to make sure that Serah and Lightning were reunited and trying to save his new family then I would write him off. The other part is if Yuel wasn't in the pictue. Serah is in love with Snow just as much as Noel is in love with Yuel.
    Mostly my job hunting, now that obamacare passed for now I'm screwed if I get sick :/, aside from that been busy with events on SDGO ~.~; 2 good gundams but the requirements to get them are kinda nuts
    So a minute ago, I was totally just like "Hey, this Salmakia person stole Judy's avatar! I wonder, they copied her signature too!" :ohshit:

    ...then I realized you changed your name :P
    I think Snow is an unstable twat, so I want Serah and Noel to get together. But, you know, the end of the game kind of made me rage. :sad3:
    "Yer not gonna get up those stairs are ya? Why not? Cause yer a fuckin elephant." Best movie line of all time xD AH DAM NEAR PISSD MASELF

    Shows? What shows? =[
    Sad to see you go Lirael D: I wanted to do a callout with you soon xD, oh wells you better lemme challenge you when you come back! :3 Also I'll try to get on MSN more often to talk xD been hectic lately so havn't had much time to do anything
    Thank you so much. ^_^ Maybe we could do another set of collaboration signatures some time? I've personally been itching to do another. I've been trying to perfect the smudging effect you did on one of the sigs we made. :P
    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh!!! How could I have missed my favourite FF? :sad3:

    I do wish to celebrate Tidus x Yuna. That would be something to enjoy with gusto!
    I've been working alot off grid too! Been trying to find my new focus on drawing and writing! Just not enough time to rediscover myself or even re-evaluate myself. I'll get there eventually!

    Samples will come soon! I'm off tomorrow and I'm accessible for many things! Haiku will be hard to enter! Like I said, I write stories, I can't do poetry or haiku :sad3: ;;

    Good ideas? We need a much more active battleground without agility points! Like an all out Dissidia war. My first contribution would be to draw this aspect of the community clan battle in exaggerated but ornamented forms of our members.

    I can't wait to get to FFX, where I will finally feel at home :ryan:
    Just wanted to say thank you for the tag :-) . I had no idea where to find it but I finally did today and might I say that it's gorgeous :)?
    Eeeeee!! the battle's fun, clanmaster. What's up these days? Any plans for the clan? I can draw some good stuff if ya want. Wanna see my samples back then?
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