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  • That sounds amazing!
    I have msn and I am on at most random times of day and night (eastern time zone here)
    just whenever works for you two, I know school and stuff has or is going to start again, so I don't expect you two to be as open with your time as me :D otherwise talking on here always works also throw messages.

    Or I can just blow up your wall and it would be filled with ME!!! :D
    KK I will let you two have say, since you two are the leaders after all.. (even if I am secretly planning a hostel takeover :devil: )

    I had some ideas with Items and a few other things, I think it was in the idea thread somewhere :hmmm:
    I like the description Idea, that way it doesn't seem so...spammy...

    On top of that I am hoping to have the eliminations more... clan related, though I would like the non-clan people to still be able to play :elmo:

    And I'm trying to make more creative competitions that people well first one seems like a bust :sad3:
    I decided that you needed my Tonberry on your wall! :tonberrygambler:

    That and just curious if you need any help with the clans? :hmmm:
    Oops, I misread your question yesterday. I meant that the FF Clans do have post count enabled, even the Clan Battle Coliseum. The FF Tactics sub-forum had post count disabled since Cid asked for it, but I went ahead and enabled it for you guys. :)
    Hello ! Can you please help remove the model that stands next to my profile ? I don't really want it anymores.

    Thx. Rabbit.
    Wow, that's impressive. I think you'll do quite well teaching, and I wish you the best.

    I'm actually trying to brush up on my English through writing and whatnot again. Not that I'm bad at it, but I haven't actually written anything of substance in some time. :dry: You, though, have a pretty good grasp of the language. I give my respects to good writers, and those who use English properly.
    Ramza is from Final Fantasy Tactics, and is the best person in the Hero Elimination, don't attack him :sad2:
    just resting at home and making sure to take meds everyday and just take it easy. what about you ?
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