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  • Kids aged 11 to 18! :) It's going to be more challenging but more rewarding too! I absolutely love discussing literature and language at a more advanced level. The level they teach in primary school isn't quite advanced enough for me and the students aren't quite independent enough. The books they teach at secondary level are also more complex and are often filled with so many ideas! Primary school kids only brush over Shakespeare if they learn it at all and don't really discuss language use or language in society. I quite enjoy discussing topics such as why we speak with a certain dialect, how language shifts and changes over time and from place to place etc etc. :)
    I completed an English degree a year ago and have been tutoring small groups for the past year! From September 'til June, I'm going to take a PGCE course which will be based partly in Uni and partly in schools. I have to pay for it, of course. :lew: But if all goes well, I'll have a job in a school next year. :grin:
    Welcome to the world of Final Fantasy forums, where mods will try and eat your brains out
    Admins try and get you drunk
    and everyone else on here tries to make you lose your soul

    First time Ever I was quoted in a signature :jess:
    Heya, after your splendid performance on the Final Fantasy Tactics Quiz, would you be interested in joining the Final Fantasy clans? :)
    The sign up thread is here with various details! :D
    If you're keen on creative hobbies like writing, drawing, music - anything really, since we're open to new suggestions - then the fortnightly competitions should be great! =) The clans are also a good way to meet new members. The clans contain some absolutely fantastic people! =) Look out for .Mosh though! :ahmed:

    (Nah, he's a great guy! :))
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