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  • Well I'm in a dance unit right now which I'm working in now to get my diploma. Wow, its kind of exciting :D
    Sweet stuff and congrats :) I've been getting A's and A*s (last year) in English and have now been working upon my exams. I also have been working on my novels and music pieces thus I've entered into a new play for my drama. :)
    Oh damn, I see why now. I posted the last comment on my own wall :facepalm: but never mind, I have been lurking here and then. What of you?
    Hello Liana ! How do you make your profile all pretty and fancy looking like Zombie Queens page ?
    yeah I will when I have some time. I taught myself guitar as well, I play both electric and acoustic in different ways. I can rip zack wylde style solos on electric, or play fingerpicking style melodies. When I taught myself, I promised to never restrict myself to only one genre/style of music. By doing so, I was able to become much more efficient at playing in general. I love piano, I wish I could play aeris theme on it. its my favourite piece. You should post some videos of you playing FF songs, that would be awesome. I often search youtube for peoples renditions of FF music on piano.
    Writing lyrics to "you're not alone" is hilarious, because everytime I played ff9, i would always do that.
    It might take a while to get used to this format, theres a lot of features in this vBulletin that I've never seen used in any other forums and there are a vast amount of sub catagories and sections. But so far the people are really friendly and great to talk to so I plan on making the effort to stick around and learn more about the forum.

    My main hobbies are pretty much anything artistic or video game related. I love playing guitar and writing music, playing my own renditions of ff music, drawing, anime etc.

    hi there. I've been to a few FF forums and this seems like one of the best ones. Would you say you have a close community here?
    Judy it's been a while since you have posted your beautiful face around these parts. Lovely ma'am. Made me burst out smiling to see your photo-op ;).

    Take care.
    You keep asking me for GFX tutorials, truth is, I'm not really good at making them :lew:

    I can tell you a small step by step on how I do my texts, and blending.

    But as far as a full blown tutorial, I think that will just explode in my face, especially when I use different software from most people here.
    That's some top notch buying you've done there, I tip my hat to you!
    Let me know what it's like ^_^
    I'll try to get something up by the end of the day... not sure how to do elimination with just two people :hmmm:
    I'll think of something (y)
    It's okay !

    Err sorry I don't really know much about the Dissidia games. I don't really like them and the last time I played one of them was months ago, maybe even last year. Sorry about that.
    I think we are around at off hours of the day or something :lew:

    I dunno...I've been back for maybe a month or so now, but I changed my username back to my original one so maybe that's why you missed me. You were probably looking for Rapture and not Stella.

    Yus, my signature font :britt: ...and DISNEY TOMORROW :woo: I'm so excited!!! I plan on taking loads of pictures, it will be so great. I'm just NOT looking forward to packing today and painting my toenails and etc...(gotta love beach weather <3) but it will all work out, even if I end up packing at 10 tonight :wacky:

    I'm glad to see you again though, I missed ya ~
    The other one is red, :gasp: I think that might be a bit too dark, I don't think we'll ever be purple anyway. :hmph: How long I've been trying for that colour. :hmph:
    Hey, sorry I missed your message the other and my younger sister were playing Mario Kart and I didn't see your chat until you were already gone :P
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