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  • Check out the new Rp thread! See if it to your liking! We need a diversity though! and dedication later! tell me whatchyu think!
    I've been about! Quite often. =D In real life, I've started my teacher's training course. I absolutely love it!!! Teaching is incredible. :) What have you been up to?
    Well things are fine but tougher now I'm in year 11. I got two A*s and two A's and a B in English Literacy :D. How about you? :)
    with ur signature problem... try hitting reply to a post where the sig been added... then copy the image code and add it to your signature... that might help :wacky:
    Copy the whole url from the address bar when you open the link below, then copy that in between :)
    Try pasting this into your sig: [/IMG<---add a ] here.

    Follow the link, btw! It isn't displaying the entire link. :wacky:
    Hi, have you tried copying the image location from Cid XIII's post, and then putting that in tags in your sig?
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