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  • I shall leave the design of the tag (for the FFII winner...I think I was lol) up to your discretion. :griin: Although, something with Firion or Leon would be nice. :yay:
    So when you finally are able to make pretty siggy's again, can you make Cecil and Yuna for me? (FFX-2 and FFIV winner :grin:)
    It's Ok I am very forgiving :tighthug:

    This was just the first one I didn't get so I was just wondering what was going on (y)

    Don't worry about it, you are doing the best job you can right? and not being a lazy person like me :wacky:
    I wrote Zeltennia in my section. But zeltennia is not really a city. It's like a region. So I have never really mentioned the name of the town in the story yet. I only implied that the town is in the Zeltennia region =)
    Ye im fine.. Oh well.. I thought your birthday was on the 22th because of the yunaxtidus thread!I hope you had a fantastic day :)
    I didn't know your name was Judy! I posted in your birthday thread not knowing. After all these years...I now know your name :wacky:

    Happy birthday, pretty! :jay: (again)
    I see, so then it is very similar to our schools' opinion. Not only is it incorrect, it's blatantly ignored that there are other options. Conceptually speaking, do you believe it possible/likely in a few hundred years for our languages to be almost entirely different?

    Also, I saw you tutor. Any tips? I'll be tutoring for my first time, either this semester or the next, as well.
    I just read your staff bio (which still has the username Lirael for the record :gonk:) and learned of you. Now I will stalk you. :ahmed:

    In all seriousness, I never even knew you were from the UK. This makes me ask, however, what is the academic standpoint on the difference in UK/American spelling? Colours, colors, etc.
    Yeah it's fine :)
    Mitsuki hasn't replied my PM :(
    I think we could write an outline to the story first. I haven't made one yet :sad3:
    I respect you for loving X. :yay: It's an awesome series. Although I dislike XIII due to bitter fandom over the previous community. I still think Cactuars make good mascots! hehehehehe!
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