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  • Oh well.. Usual Summer Boredom Syndrome :D. Ye thats Alright, I only put the titles because I thought you needed to know which haiku related to which character as I think you never played Final Fantasy IV, have you?
    Let me know if you received my FF IV entry. Always afraid that somehow I misstyped the name or the message got lost in the infinity of the void xD
    I'm doin well.

    Not much to do, but hey, I got my PS3 :P

    Also still looking for a job. I had a Mystery Secret Shopper check come in like 3 weeks ago, but it turned to be fake xD.
    I enter the quizes...not that I'm much use but I try lol I'll add that thread and fingers crossed we can find a way to steal back points :D
    Am I allowed to add a new thread in our OL section? I'm thinking we need somewhere to strategies because we're getting beaten pretty badly. Maybe somewhere we can discuss the weeks and who in the clan is going to be taking part and stuff, so that we can hopefully always have someone taking part in something and maybe take back that lead we had a few weeks ago. What do you think?
    Clanmaster, send the password over liek. I am intrigued in looking at the new board.
    Cool, thnx for the up. I struggle from time to time breaking out of my 'less is more' self. ;)
    Lol not very far. :lew: i'm past volume 8, waiting on my next batch of volumes to come into the library, which are 9-12. I passed where they met Miroku. Loved it. :rofl:
    Clan master, I was on vacation. : B Where can I get the password so I may be able to work on it?
    More relaxed since I've slept though I wish I were still in bed. No lab anymore though so no more interaction with that guy. But I expect I'll have to deal with more of the same today with the campaign. Just going to have to keep going through these things one step at a time. And how are you this...overcast morning?
    if i join, ofc i will join yours! :lew: I just dont think I know enough FF info :hmmm: what do the points do? :huh:
    Aw thank you :P! You are very good looking aswell.. Gorgeous is the best word to describe... And you like Final Fantasy. I hope someday I can meet a girl just like you:x3:
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