Official FFXIV Player List

Just to give update to the info for my job I do have my summoner now, so not just a feeble arcanist.
Username: Nicus
Character: Nicus Kritt
Class/Job: MRD, GLA
Server: Lamia
Roshidon Fairweather/ all classes yo/ Leviathan
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Alice Lancaster - Black Mage - Balmung

Haven't been particularly active lately as I'm burned the fuck out and waiting for Heavensword.
Ellia Lombardia (Black Mage/Future Astrologian)
Alexia Kusanagi

plowing through the levels!
Aerian Elcarus : Bard : Phoenix
FF14 - August 2015.png
The above is as of 1.8.15 and not including work I've done since