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  • Raw was okay overall. The main event was pretty damn good (The Shield is pretty consistent with delivering good matches). I have a feeling SD will be pretty good this week also. Oh.... Seth Rollins <3
    Hmm well at the start it'll run kinda slow, if your playing the PS2 game be sure to fish semi often and trade them into the old man for Keys which open locked chests in dungeons, you get VERY useful Accessories/Armors in that, if you ever see a gold hand monster chase it and beat it down, use various spells or melee to find its weakness and go in for the all out attack.

    if your stuck on a boss just keep fighting shadows on the highest floor for XP and maybe leave to sell your monster drops to the blacksmith so he sells better gear, make sure you have a good amount of Personas on Yu, one melee and mage maybe a healer if you don't use Yukiko. if you get stuck anywhere in the dungeons lemme know.

    Pretty much if you have a free day spend it in the TV World and level up xD the first 2 dungeons can be a pain at first
    Hehe..... I am not sure on Fandango yet. Though I have to give him credit, those pics gave me my best GFX work yet. What I do know, is that I am a fan of Summer Rae. Not her dancing, just her look. I do miss the original chick he had with him. She was much better at the entrance.
    Yeah I liked the game also. It was fun and I did not understand all the hate it got.
    I hated Chris's. The bit at the beginning when he told off the lady pissed me off.
    That is cool! Well I want it because it is from the RE creator. The one who left after re4 and then re lost the survival horror aspect.
    It will be the same for me to be honest xD. Yes we shall dominate the game. That is more like it. Now I have someone to play this survival horror game which hopefully has co-op with. My friend is such a fraidy cat :mokken:
    Indeed. Except the people I want to play with will be too scared :hmph: Not that I will not be.... but I can count on you to be my partner when the time comes :lew:
    Oh no. :lew: Dont pick a fight now. I already know who would win that anyway >.<

    Glad you like the Evil within. It looks pretty crazy if you ask me!
    School work is always a pain. Also, she broke my wall. What are you going to do now? :lew:
    Yeah well the essay is about 12 pages. I know, it is a lot but since it is my last stretch before University, it should be understandable. Yeah I want to pass my remaining rpg games this summer and actually enjoy myself. I want to travel possibly. Yeah, I have the gaming spirit like you.

    Oh... just read your other VM. Well you can go post in the new thread on "The Evil Within" I made. This game looks like RE but seriously more scary. Haha I feel you. I log off within 5 minutes usually. I used to stay on for hours, but I just do not like/have the time for this place as much as before. Like I said... I really come on to check the rocket town or SE news sections. D'awww.... you make it seem like we know each other forever. Well, I hope I can manage to talk to you for quite a bit like my other friend. I dont think I would mind. Oh my god good! You agree Facebook and all that is all crap. That's a good girl :olivia:

    Don't cry Mila. Oh dont worry. We will play xbl soon ^_^

    It is nice you care about me a lot. I care for you also and like I always say, I hope we can be really good friends.
    How dare you say such things..... Anyway, I have lots of work to do and that is probably why I cannot spend my time on Xbox so much. Hopefully I can finish part 2 of this ridiculously long essay early on the weekend so I can get some time to play. This is why it is a better idea to save my rpg games for the summer :olivia:

    By the way, you should probably try and avoid some people here in case. I dont know if you lurk and see the shoutbox. Usually it is a complete mess and I never really go in there anymore. I used to go a lot. But yeah there are some people here who are obvious trolls if you know what I mean.
    Oh that is quite a shame. It is a really great series. Probably better than the Tomb Raider games if you ask me. I recommend you give it a try sometime and try and enjoy it.
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