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  • Slightly curious, what would be the upgrades for PS4? Graphics? :hmmm: I have the PS4 version as well (upgraded from PS3 when I bought the PS4 back in April) but I now play on PC. I just find it a bit easier so I can tab in and out of the game easily. I do like the vibrant colors of the PS4 version when I tested it out.

    Yeah you have a point about the size of the female Au Ra.
    Yeah, most people here didn't really like the Au Ra design either. Well, it's mixed reviews, anyway.

    Hmm, I didn't know you can get the expansion as early as May 30th. I bought the game on Steam... haven't actually kept tabs on whether it's available for pre-order on Steam yet. Still, I can't play the expansion until end of June anyway.
    Oh darn. We're on Lamia server.

    Getting the expansion? We're really excited for it!
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