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  • 'ello there, just a heads up that we're waiting on the techies to look into the Twitch stuff. Techies are lazy though...
    Please please please don't tell me you recorded the part when my brother hopped on the computer and disgraced me to pieces. He received a solid punch on the arm for that.
    It was probably best you didn't sub in the game if your PS4 was gonna break down on you anyway. :sad3:

    What's the plan? You buying a new PS4 or?
    I came here to try and help with the screenshot thing, but it seems Six already beat me to it :|
    To make images "bigger" you just have to upload them to imgur (or any hosting site) and use the direct link with [img ] [/img ] tags. Referring to your Screenshots thread post. =] However, by clicking on yours you get an enlarged image too.
    Hello there!

    Thanks for participating in the POST event. To fully sign up, members must purchase the necessary event trinket found in the Gold Saucer outlet of the MogShop [MogShop > Gold Saucer > Events Center]. Happy posting! :mogscot:
    I just now saw your message down below. xD You have to reply on my wall, silly.

    Also, just curious...did you ever get the Youtube stream situated? I switched the forum's channel to Youtube today, connected it via PS4 but I was getting an error and wouldn't let me stream. I forgot to jot down the number. I was wondering if you were experiencing the same issue.
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