Official FFXIV Player List

Yea I do that world of my own most of the time :P
I'm Rever Seurwit on Faerie. If the first post is up to date (Edited in 2014 so I doubt it) then I'm the only one on Faerie so far, but if you play there I welcome you to message me and see what's up. I play a Warrior primarily but will probably secondary a black mage.
Remiel Leidenfrost, Dark Knight, Balmung. How come there are so many people on Lamia? O_O
Because it's the server this community decided to play on so they could be together
I'm like a year late but who cares! :D

character name: Nevyn Kreiss
server: Lamia
Chloe Elaine is back on the Lamia server!
For now. Give it a week. I'll be gone like always :hmph:
Arza Ra'qael, Paladin on the Zalera server (though I occasionally dabble in Red Mage).
Most of us play on Lamia server, I don't know why, just do. I've just started last month so I went with it.
I am not on Lamia but I am on Diabolos now which is in the same Datacenter so we should be able to group up via Party Finder? You can hit me up on FFF discord sometime if you want to try, always looking to party with competent DPS players :)

Altani Dotharl - Diabolos

I mostly play tank and melee DPS
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Username: Jason Tandro
Character: Jason Tandro
Class/Job: [DPS MAIN] Lv 70 Samurai, Lv 70 Dragoon. [TANK] Lv 70 Dark Knight [HEAL] Lv 61 White Mage
Server: Louisoix

Planning on mastering Gunbreaker when Shadowbringers hits and will probably make the leap to a Tank Main. Dark Knight got me real comfortable with Tanking. But I just love Samurai's damage and Dragoon's aesthetic so much. Not much of a healer but I want to at least have one heal ready job for current content so working on White Mage. Also, for what it's worth, I'm not much of a Gatherer, but I have LTW, ALC and CRP at Level 70.

I do have an alt Thibault Stormrunner but all of his jobs are in the mid-50s and he's still in the Heavensward storyline. Don't have much time to play these days so he may be an abandoned character.
Finally updated and sorted as of this post! Let us know if anything needs to be changed :dead:
Character: Ilyxia Britannia
Job: PLD / SMN
Server: Lamia

Got all 3 gatherers to 80, FSH was easier than I thought 😂
Gonna finish up its Crystarium quest then level crafters!
I just bought this game three days ago. :P
Character: Erjn Quill
Job: GLD/THM ~11/12
Server: Siren

It's been ages since I touched an MMORPG, good luck to anyone grinding and running into my novice tanking.