final fantasy xiii

  1. ResearchStudent

    Video Game Research Project -- Final Fantasy XIII series.

    Hello, everyone. I am a student at UNO. My professor and I are conducting research over contemporary video games and we decided to discuss and analyze Final Fantasy XIII. I was hoping that you might be interested in filling out a brief survey of FFXIII. It would be a great help. Anyone can fill...
  2. A

    Final Fantasy XIII Music Mix

  3. L

    Help needed to fill in questionnaire about customization in J-RPGs

    Hey! :) I am busy with my graduate degree at the University of Pretoria, Pretoria, South Africa. For this, I am conducting a study on customization and its influence on video game play experiences in a J-RPG. I specifically focus on Final Fantasy XIII and Kingdom Hearts II, but feel free to...
  4. Gingerbread Lesbian

    [27/01] Get Your Square Enix 1st Production Department Trailers Here

    Final Fantasy XIII-2's 1st Production Department Premier trailer saw an official online HD version within days of the event's end. For the remaining trailers, Square Enix made us wait... and wait, and wait, and wait for a whole darn week! At long last, the trailers for Final Fantasy Versus...
  5. Channizard

    [18/01] FNC Compilation Gets Bookstyle Anime Legend to Tie Everything Together

    sauce It seems like XIII's backstory which'll tie in together with Versus and XIII-2. In the new trailer, Lightning does mutter the word Etro, so there is some sort of connection. There's no clue as to whether this is all that'll be in the 'anime' or if it'll be broadened into a full OVA, but...
  6. Ohri-Jin

    [1/18] Rumour – New Fabula Nova Crystallis title to be announced at Square event

    January 18th, 2011 @ 04:36 By Johnny Cullen FF Reunion’s hinted that that three new titles are set to be announced at Square Enix’s First Production Department event later this morning. One of which could be a new...
  7. Gingerbread Lesbian

    Square Enix's Fabula Nova Crystallis Conference Detailed [12/13]

    Square Enix invites fans out to the Toho Cinemas in Roppongi Hills one week later than expected. The Fabula Nova Crystallis Conference is no more. Square Enix has changed the event's name to "Square Enix 1st Production Department Premier." Going...
  8. Demon

    Square-Enix talks of XIII struggles [10/17]

    I can't be certain that this article contains anything new, but it seems newsworthy: I'm interested in knowing more, but I probably won't buy a copy of the magazine over it.
  9. Gingerbread Lesbian

    Final Fantasy XIII – team talks cancelled DLC, possible sequel [2/10]

    As was done with other Final Fantasy titles, Final Fantasy XIII recently received its own ‘Ultimania Omega’ book in Japan. The book contains interviews and behind-the-scenes discussions with the development team, revealing interesting new details. The team had planned downloadable content...
  10. Linnaete

    Tetsuya Nomura Details Fabula Nova Crystallis Conference [9/21]

    Square Enix's behind-curtain trailer reel at the Tokyo Game Show made mention of a "Fabula Nova Crystallis conference" of some form to take place on January 11, 2011. In this week's Famitsu, Tetsuya Nomura shared a few details. The conference, nicknamed just "Fabula," is currently planned...
  11. Gingerbread Lesbian

    Yoichi Wada: Fans Are Not Very Happy With Final Fantasy XIII [7/14]

    We all know that Final Fantasy XIII had a pretty mixed reception when it launched back in March this year. Some loved it, many loathed it. The battle system is great, but where are the towns? It's too linear and takes too long to get into. Whatever the reason, Square Enix CEO Yoichi Wada...
  12. Gingerbread Lesbian

    Final Fantasy XIII Piano CD Set for Release [6/9]

    There's yet another Final Fantasy XIII soundtrack on the way. But this one's special. Well... maybe not as special as the two record releases, but at least different. Square Enix announced today the "Piano Collections Final Fantasy XIII" soundtrack. As the name suggests, this...
  13. Gingerbread Lesbian

    Final Fantasy XIII Freezes Lead To Lawsuit [6/5]

    A class action lawsuit has been filed against Square Enix and Sony Computer Entertainment America for selling copies of Final Fantasy XIII that allegedly freeze and even break PlayStation 3 consoles. The lawsuit, filed on June 2, 2010 by Daniel Wolf of San Diego, Calif., alleges Final...
  14. Sabriel

    Final Fantasy XIII Chinese version has Japanese VA and English menus [5/29]

    Release announcement of FINAL FANTASY® XIII (Chinese Version) for PlayStation®3 PlayStation®3 software SRP: HK$358 Release Date: May 27, 2010 [Hong Kong, Apr 22, 2010]– Sony Computer Entertainment Hong Kong Limited (SCEH) announces today that FINAL FANTASY® XIII (Chinese Version) for...
  15. Sabriel

    FFXIII Characters Possibly Returning in Versus XIII [5/29]

    We already know that Final Fantasy XIII, Final Fantasy Versus XIII for PS3 and Final Fantasy Agito XIII for the PSP are all part of the Fabula Nova Crystallis universe. Square have previously mentioned that Versus and Agito are not spinoffs, but rather a different story in the same universe...
  16. moogling

    The Final Fantasy XIII… Karaoke Room [5/28]

    Square Enix re-launched Final Fantasy XIII in Hong Kong and South Korea, which means more awkward tie-ins. In Hong Kong, karaoke box company Neway has Final Fantasy XIII themed rooms. Director Motomu Toriyama and Producer Yoshinori Kitase stopped by to commemorate the promotion. From wall to...
  17. Gingerbread Lesbian

    Final Fantasy XIII Topped 5.5 Million Units Last Year [5/18]

    Square Enix has shared supplementary information on its 2009 earnings coinciding with its annual investors meeting that was held today in Tokyo. You can see the the PDF in English and Japanese at Square Enix's investor relations page, but here are a few notable points. In its earnings...
  18. Gingerbread Lesbian

    Final Fantasy XIII Falls Off The April NPD [5/15]

    Selling over a 1.3 million units in its release month of March, Final Fantasy XIII is no where to be seen in the April 2010 NPD charts. Ubisoft’s Splinter Cell: Conviction took the top spot, moving 486.1K units. Odd, we know. I’d assume a Final Fantasy title can move a few hundred...
  19. Gingerbread Lesbian

    BioWare: "Final Fantasy XIII is not an RPG" [5/14]

    In a recent interview, BioWare writing director Daniel Erickson addressed his opinion on Final Fantasy XIII, saying that he does not believe it qualifies as a proper role-playing game. “Well, before I address the main point [on Final Fantasy XIII] I just want to take a slightly more...
  20. moogling

    Yoichi Wada Vs. Review Scores [5/11]

    Ever since he started using Twitter not too long ago, Square Enix president Yoichi Wada has participated in discussions with his audience fairly often. One of the topics he touched upon earlier in March was that of game reviews. More specifically, he talked about his concerns regarding review...