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  • lmao I'd let you have him if I could. I barely know who any of these superheroes/villains are! :s
    I'm not too sure of the date. I'd ask Castiel/Soulcorruptor about that one. I wanna be Wonder Woman! :wacky:
    That's ok :lew: . I lived with someone doing a medicine course for a few years. She really liked the challenge and the fact that she would be in education for so long though. And to be honest...I'd rather be in education than what I'm doing now, so I can see it being a positive.
    Oh wow! Got to say, that's one of the best professions to go into. Incredibly selfless (except maybe for the money, but y'know) and really helpful in general.
    I approve of your choice :sir:
    I do. It should change it sometime, but it shows that our team will not lose! 'cause we're so dedicated! :lew:
    Survivor is more important :sad3: . You could always drop out if it gets too much too :sad2:
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