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  1. Linnaete

    [08/11] FFXIII-2 Directors Discuss Paradigms, Battle Balance and Monster Collection

    [Seeing as I haven't done a news thread in ages. :hmph:] Dengeki PlayStation has an interview this week with Final Fantasy XIII-2 director Motomu Toriyama and battle director Yusuke Matsui. Paradigm Shifts You can now switch instantly between Paradigms. This will help out with the pacing...
  2. Linnaete

    [12/10] Type-0: 40 Hour Gameplay and Yet Another New Main Character Coming

    Square Enix has thus far said that Final Fantasy Type-0 has twelve main characters in addition to Machina and Rem (who are also main characters, but have special standing so they're counted separately). It turns out that rather than twelve, the number is actually thirteen. Director Hajime...
  3. Linnaete

    [11/10] Very Vague FFXIII-2 Details from Dengeki

    Here are a few new bits on Final Fantasy XIII-2 via Dengeki PlayStation's latest feature on the game. In an interview with the magazine, producer Yoshinori Kitase and director Motomu Toriyama said that Snow and Serah lived together in the two years after the events of FFXIII-2. However...
  4. Linnaete

    [05/10] Final Fantasy Type-0 Extended TGS Trailer Released

    [Disclaimer: This trailer has been out for over a day already, though to those of you who haven't seen it yet, be warned that it does contain content with significant spoilers. Granted we don't know the context of the cutscenes, but proceed with caution anyway.] [You're better off watching...
  5. Linnaete

    [21/09] Famitsu on FFXIII-2: Disc Counts, Characters, QTEs and More

    PS3 owners won't be able to make fun of their Xbox 360 friends about having to get up and swap discs every 20 hours or so when playing Final Fantasy XIII-2. Famitsu reveals this week that both the 360 and PS3 versions of the game take up just one disc. Does this mean that Square Enix has...
  6. Steve-O

    [13/09] New Final Fantasy XIII-2 Trailer on 15th, Sazh Making Appearance

    BS11′s FINAL FANTASY XIII-2 special show is only 2 days away now. To remind you, a set of two commercials has started airing on BB11. Commercials are promising new gameplay footage, interview & systems. On September 15, Japanese TV station, BS11, will be airing a special FINAL FANTASY XIII-2...
  7. Rey

    [12/09] Final Fantasy Type-0 to get download version

    Physical or digital? You decide. Final Fantasy Type-0 will release simultaneously on UMD and as a digital download when it launches in Japan on October 27. The UMD version, which is a 2-disc game, will cost 7,700 yen (with tax), while the download version will cost a lower 6,480 yen (with...
  8. Ohri-Jin

    [08/09] FFXIII-2 new batch of screens (Famitsu)

    It seems Famitsu has some new screens to share: Source - http://www.famitsu.com/news/201109/images/00049847/CeepCA3HoB98V9fg1w7cL2CjkxrFy165.html
  9. C i d

    [06/09] Time traveling feature in FFXIII-2

    *light spoilers regarding Noel's origins (if you haven't already heard)* Got time-travel on the brain? Trying to figure out how it works in Final Fantasy XIII-2? Well, just use the game’s “Historiacross” feature and you’ll be able to warp to different times and locations across Pulse (or...
  10. Linnaete

    [23/08] FF Type-0: New L'Cie and Sub-Characters Named

    Gilgamesh isn't the only l'Cie character in the Final Fantasy Type-0 world. This week's Dengeki introduces a few new sub characters, including a couple of l'Cie. First up is Zhuyu, voiced by Hiroki Touchi. Zhuyu is a l'Cie from Suzaku, your school. He was once a student at the school...
  11. Linnaete

    [22/08] Final Fantasy Type-0's Trey and Cater Introduced

    Two more Class Zero students were introduced in V-Jump. Trey, a loquacious and calm student who takes care of his appearance, wields a bow and arrow. Cater on the right has a magic gun. She comes off as confident and has a frank manner of speaking. These characters, as well as King of the...
  12. Linnaete

    [03/08] FF Type-0 Playable Demo Confirmed

    You might have suspected as much when Square Enix gave a name to the Final Fantasy Type-0 demo that was shown at an Odaiba event a couple of weeks back. Today, we have confirmation courtesy of Famitsu: that demo, known as "Natsubi," will be released as a free download. The downloadable...
  13. Linnaete

    [02/08] A Tour Around the World of Final Fantasy Type-0

    The world of Final Fantasy Type-0 consists of four countries, each with its own crystal that is protected by a "Peristerium" organization. Square Enix's latest update on the game provided us with a detailed look at each country. Rebrum Home to the main characters, who attend the...
  14. Linnaete

    [20/07] Over Seven Minutes of Final Fantasy Type-0

    Famitsu managed to get its hands on an exclusive video showing Final Fantasy Type-0's "Natsubi" demo being played and commented on by director Hajime Tabata. Source: Andriasang
  15. Linnaete

    [20/07] Final Fantasy Type-0: New Trailer and Japanese Release Date

    Square Enix just announced a new release date for Final Fantasy Type-0, along with a new trailer. Following its delay out of summer closer to fall, the game is now pegged for an October 13th release. Here’s the trailer: While a U.S. or European date hasn’t been announced, Square Enix’s...
  16. Linnaete

    [05/07] Final Fantasy Versus XIII Update Possibly Coming Next Week

    We may finally be getting an update on Final Fantasy Versus XIII soon. The usual sources for early magazine leaks are reporting that in this week's Famitsu Tetsuya Nomura says to expect a small followup on Versus in next week's issue. Nomura also apparently hints at a new title...
  17. Linnaete

    [26/05] Type-0: New Screens Courtesy of Famitsu

    Famitsu.com has posted its expected followup article for the Final Fantasy Type-0 coverage that appeared in its print counterpart this week. King King and Sice King and his dual guns. The guns have infinite ammo, but they have to reload. You can press a button to reload manually at...
  18. Linnaete

    [24/05] Dengeki's Turn To Update On Final Fantasy Type-0

    Dengeki has a huge eight page feature on Final Fantasy Type-0 this week, filling in many of the blanks from the recent gameplay demonstration. One big mystery cleared up by the magazine is the identity of Gilgamesh. Square Enix revealed over the weekend that a costume based off Type-0's...
  19. Rey

    [18/05] Odin And A Guy With Two Pistols Ride Into Final Fantasy Type-0′s Explorable World

    Odin And A Guy With Two Pistols Ride Into Final Fantasy Type-0′s Explorable World A scan from jump details King who has a cool appearance, but a tender core. He’s one of the many playable characters in Final Fantasy Type-0. This young man stoically trains everyday and wields two pistols...
  20. Linnaete

    [28/04] Final Fantasy Type-0: Moogles and Missions at Famitsu.com

    Famitsu.com has posted the expected accompanying article for the Final Fantasy Type-0 coverage that appeared this week's Weekly Famitsu. Here are some details on what's in the Famitsu.com story. MISSIONS Up at the top, the site shows screens of the game's mission flow. As you progress in...