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  • Is it alright if I set up a challenge for SerahxNoel week, beginning 6th 'til 12th (inclusive) August? Or would you prefer to celebrate something different? :)
    Hey, I acidentally deleted your cc entry--please resend it. Just go to your "sent messages" and copy & paste it to me (so you don't have to type it out again :lew: )
    Is it still ok if I invite Addleboy into Ondore's Lies? :)

    Also, we need to sort out everything for Tactics week in about 8 hours (when I wake up) if we can! :gasp: I won't have much time after Friday. :sad3: It would be great to write as much of it as possible together! :)
    Thankyou for the banners ! I want to use them... but I love the Zidane/ Kuja one so much ! I can't choose !
    About now, actually ;). The point is to make it less predictable and hopefully that will make things more exciting.
    Hey :) when are you going to posts the stats in the Job battle thread again? I'm completely lost, have no idea who is in and who is out. The people I think are out are still posting :S it's so confusing! When are you going to be updating?
    With Phoenix down from sponsors or treasures. Sheechiibii also has a sacrificing ability that kills herself to revive 3 others. You can discuss with her and other clan members in your clan subforum :)
    Uncle, How can I be revived? Better yet, how can my fallen comrades be revived? :sad3: ?
    I like this game. :yay: I shall hold the fort until my own clan mates back me up somehow :mokken:
    Hey there Cid. I made an entry for the haiku competition . Would appreciate your feedback (its in one of the clan's thread)
    i'm not entering soo feel free to post the voting thread up, been busy with alot of meetings and all that jazz :)
    Um, not sure what happened, but i was taking the X-2 world and misc. quiz, and then it told me 'you have successfully installed the vBquiz system!' and i couldn't finish the quiz. :hmmm: can i have my try reset please? :lew:
    sure thing! sorry for asking straight away it's just i always got my msn open and would like to share some tips about music with you etc..
    I'll still be on FF Forums as well, i really like this forum im addicted haha.
    Your welcome, Oh it's part of a program i see.
    Have you learned any other songs?
    oh no! i posted that comment on my own profile stupid me lol.
    I'll post it here again.

    Beautifull playing man i really liked it, that's one of my favorite themes from FFIX and you played it very well, I'm impressed your self taught and a quick learner, wish i had the time to play more piano but hopefully soon.
    I must say very nice digital piano looks like the real thing, Midi Equipment is the best thing i came across i have a midi keyboard my self and Midi is taking over Music so quickly that everyones going to throw away there old equipment because MIDI is a huge thing for music.
    If you need any help with knowing about anything let me know and I'll try my best to answer.
    Nice work on teaching the juniors at your ex-highschool I'm sure they had a good time learning, do you mostly teach final fantasy songs?
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